Jewish Cop Coverup–Killed Katrina Victims in NOLA

Lohman a former cop is also a coverup killer. This is looking ugly. A Jewish lawyer may now be behind the coverup of Toyota’s lying over the problem with its cars.  Atty. Wienstein worked for NHSTA and then Toyoto! But I digress.  Who says Jews don’t kill or become cops? Hah! This Jewish pig covered up the killings of black folks struggling with Katrina.  Mind you some of the killing cops may have been black. But hell, they’re brainwashed pigs anyway.

They were helped by other cops. Lohman confessed but was not caught. But look how long it took them to catch former cop Lohman. Here’s his pic and the rest of the case see above link.

You know this case is going in the pig trough. People did not believe me when I told them that Jews had taken over NOLA and planned to whiten it up and move the blacks out because it is a seaport that they can use to help the Jewish Mossad mafia infiltrate undetected into this country. They are smuggling Jewish spies into this country as we speak. It may take a year before my words catch up to what the media will report. It will be another case of I told you so.


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