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Idol Men go from bad to worse

I could hardly listen tonight. The songs were good but the singing was terrible. Most of the choices were oldies or classics, now. And I wanted to be treated to some good singing but they either tried too hard or just picked the wrong damn song and it was NOT music to my ears.

Who will go or stay. It hardly matters. Did the judges let go the wrong contestants last week?


Michelle “Puerto Rican” Delamor–Crowd Pleaser–updated

This pretty Michelle Delamor looks like my relatives. We are often mistaken for Puerto Rican and look just like our PR relatives. But technically we are not and she is. But we are Cuban so that may be the link. But the new technical line in the racial sand for Hispanics: does he/she look white?

One reason that PRs look so different and have much wavier hair than Mexicans is because they are from the East Coast and tend to have black genes from 10-30%.  Given that parameter some members of the same family might be listed as either black or white.

Anyway she is also a vegetarian and just gorgeous. But damn I’m good. I took one look at her and said: Hmm, she’s Puerto Rican! Yes, she is. And may have been the first in the top 12. We’ll see how she does. She has a good voice and a pretty face. Find some good songs girl.

Tonight she did okay but looked fab! Do one of Angela Bofil’s songs. She’s a PR too.

Arab Spies For Jewish Cousin

This is too much but it is par for the course. And we see that the evil Mossad can get even their hated Hamas/Arab cousins to spy for them when the price is right. But they are both semitic groups. What is a semite exactly? It is a linguistic and racial tie. The sons of Noah or Shem gave rise to the Semitic people. It’s the same as Indo European whose roots are Aryan/Indian (as in N. India). These people have the same linguistic roots. Therefore all white or caucasian people have the same language root. But Jewish people have a different language/racial origin.

What’s more I can often tell a Jewish person by the timbre and sound of their voice because it must be genetic too. I can also tell by the shape of lips believe it or not. Black Africans have a different sound when speaking English or other languages and black Americans are made fun of when they speak bad English. So why not hear Jewishness if you can hear blackness in one’s voice? Naturally, you got it.

Jews are a race, fuck the books.

Lying Toyota Execs Take It To the Hill

The lying grandson of Toyoda got on the stand and lied his Japanese happy ass off. Who knew that Japanese face was so easy to save? I mean these fuckers went up to the Hill and LIED their Japanese asses off! And the Feds bought those lies.

I have never bought a Toyota and never plan to. I think it may have been corrosion from some of the parts that came from other countries. Recall the Chinese corroded drywall? Remember that water is not the same in all parts of the world. I think some corroded parts got into the mix. The Japs got away with it again.

How is that a prof from SIU could come up with a solution by recreating the problem in a Toyota? He said it took him only a few hours to figure it out. And a major car company can’t figure it out? Are you buying that shit? I’m not.

Charlie Rose “Picking Only Jewish Researchers” Brains?

I can only watch this many Jews in one place for only a few minutes. Here’s the link if you can stand to watch it. I have NEVER! I mean every single guest is a JEW! They are now staking claims to knowing all about the brain. I mean everything they know it all. WTF? Charlie Rose, Jewish, has all Jews on his “Brain Series” (get it?) with their theories that other researchers have debunked in part. But that does not matter. Only Jews know all.

This is really a perfect example of what Jews do best: employ only each other.

Colorado School Shooter Unemployed Native American stopped by Jewish Math Teacher

How’s that for diversity in Colorado? This took place in Littleton, just down the road from Colombine where the two Jewish boys shot up a whole damn school killing 13 people and themselves.

David Benke is credited with saving the lives of students as he wrestled with the unemployed Native American Bruco Strong Eagle who attended that school for high school. He had a history of mental illness and was a former ranch hand. Just goes to show the disparity in this country between races, classes and climes.

The father of Bruco was interviewed in brief and he said that no matter what was wrong with his son that was no excuse for his rampage. The media may not always I.D. the race or ethnicity of a person. But what they will do is plaster a big old picture of the black man in question. No use of the word “black” just a black man’s picture like the ubiquitious undewear bomber who didn’t kill any damn body. Was he working for Osama or for Bush?

source: Jefferson County sheriff investigators say 32-year-old Bruco Strong Eagle Eastwood signed in at a reception desk before the Tuesday shootings and indicated he was a former student. The sheriff’s department says he was never asked to leave the building.

It’s not clear when he did leave. School officials say Eastwood first entered the building at about noon, some three hours before the shootings.

Meantime, the math teacher who has become a national hero after breaking up a potentially deadly school shooting near the site of the Columbine massacre said Wednesday that he was simply doing his job to protect his students from danger during his now-famous scuffle with the gunman.

Schools in Littleton have gone through extensive emergency drills after the Columbine tragedy, and David Benke said he always thought about what he’d do if a school shooting broke out.

Child Raping Pediatrician Just Arrested After One Year Investigation

Dr. Bradley who raped his young patients sometimes in front of the parents was actually under investigation for the past year. But they just arrested him because they did not have the evidence. They hit the motherlode when they arrested him. He was videotaping his criminal acts on his own tiny patients! What a wacko sicko. This took place in Delaware where they believe this is the biggest child molestation case ever with over a 100 victims.

Those kids will need therapy regardless to ages. The officers were sick to see what this doctor with Disney-like yard to attract kids was doing behind closed doors and with cameras. You can’t be too careful. Doctors do molest patients even grown ones.

Now We Know Who To Fear

After a week of watching and listening to various blogs and movies about what really happened in NYC and the twin towers I went from being an 9/11 inside-job denier to a believer. I think I know who we need to fear–it’s in plain view, on the TV, across the water and in our own backyard. It’s our own government in cahoots with the Bible thumpers (who believe) that the chosen people must have their highjacking ways. First the economy will be destroyed and then the monetary systems of the world will be taken over.

All those things are in the works. And once the control is complete we will then take the mark of the beast. How many will die then? Only they know. The few will reign terror over the many. I hate to make predictions because they always come true. But there are some governments (USA and Israel) and  groups that we really need to fear based on their actions not our prejudices. That’s important. The acts of the criminals of the world make them the target of fear. That’s what they want after all.

The Women Tell All

Yes, someone did see Rozlyn with a staffer on the stair kissing and making out. I called it stuffed in the closet. So, it was not a hoax foisted upon the show’s storyline to make it more juicy. It seems that it really happened. Roz is a ho, what else is new?

I still don’t see what he sees in Vienna. I mean her black roots are showing. I think she’s Italian and someone said that her people have money. Next thing you know Jake is picking her every damn week and she is getting a rose first.

Michelle from CA thought that Jake was going to be hot on her. And that she was going to be hot on him. Instead he actually told her to leave and not kiss him. He was not receptive to her advances. Her indecision may have sent her packing. “It’s not the true way to find love” Michelle says. WTF is she doing on the show? Just wanna be seen?

Michelle was standoffish and that did not go over well with the other women. I get it. Was she out of her element perhaps?

One thing’s for sure lots of boobs, blonds in a bottle and boob jobs in evidence.

Youtube Sensation: Bearded white man beats crap out of braided black guy on Oakland bus

A 50-year-old gray beard from Chicago, IL beats the crap out of this black guy after he hits him first. It’s not a racial thing but a class thing IMO. I mean who’s riding the bus iin the first place? I do when I visit LA but I have a car. And the black guy is just spoiling for a fight. In the video he says he is 67 but in an interview says he is 50.

It has gone viral. White guys blue T shirt reads “I am a motherfucker” and he was–he warns the cornrow guy not to mess with him. It is priceless.