Daily Archives: March 3, 2010

If I were reporting the news on SNL

If I were an SNL  writer I would have something like the Real Rainbow News. I would have a token Asian reporting the news instead of the ubiquitious Jewish reporter who is doing it now.  That would be funny with a cleaned up accent.

Black model bitch slaps Arab driver and won’t serve time or face charges. However she and Angelina Jolie the white model turned bad actress plan to adopt 2 Nigerians and share joint custody as community service.

The greatest golfer black or white sells his first ball for a billion bucks.

Two black guys running an offshore prostitution ring face 50 years to life. They pleaded innocent but that only mad the jewish judge mad and so he tacked on another 10 years. The women and the johns  have taken the 5th.

While in NYC Bernie Madoff and Larry Summers share the Nobel Prize in economics. They have just served two years hard time for bilking the white world of billions and fresh from an Alpine ski trip (to sell more stocks). Congrats to those two  well-deserving Jewish felons, I mean fellows.

The former biracial president of the US Obama and his wife plan to increase their family by adopting two Chinese orphans from the quake in China that left a million of them dead and two billion homeless. We owe them big time.

The two Jewish founders one from Salon and the other The Daily Beast will ban all non Jews from writing articles and contributing to their sites. They have won a Pulitzer for that gutsy move. You go girls.