Daily Archives: March 4, 2010

American Idol Boots The Two Black Girls

Just watched the results show. They eliminated John, Jermaine, Michelle, and Hayley. They did struggle with the songs. You know what I think theyprobably let the wrong people go before this group was selected.

The black guy, the two black girls and the one japanese guy let go. Oh well, maybe he was Chinese. That means the winner will probably be a white woman.

BTW did you hear Lisa Kudrow and Sarah J. Parker are going to explore their Jewish roots in a series?

White Girls take American Idol by storm

I just watched my recording and I have to say the last time a black woman really blew everybody away was Jennifer Hudson. I think that the two white girls tonight, ain’t looking their names up, did a damn good job.

Here’s why they are better: technical, technical, technical. That separates the girls from the women tonight. So, perhaps the other girls need some lessons or a coach to get there.