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Lebanese ER Doc (Essa) Convicted–Used Cyanide Injections (vitamins) to kill wife

Dr. Essa fled to Beirut even before his wife’s death was listed as a homocide. Today he was (video) convicted of killing her with cyanide. Doctors are killers too. I think there are probably more doctors who kill their wives than any other profession, well, maybe lawyers got em beat.

I know. I’ve dated a lot, I mean a lot of doctors, black, white, Jewish and they do cheat on their wives a lot. They also kill them. LOL

Her husband was from Lebanon, a Muslim, but she was a Roman Catholic and Italian. She looks middle Eastern too, may be the Mediterranean blood. So I can see the attraction because she looked like the women he knew.

But this greedy basterd wanted mistresses and no wife, so he poisoned her by injecting her daily vitamins (calcium) with cyanide. Nice bedside manner.

GATES MILLS, Ohio – Five years after Rosemarie Essa’s death, dozens of family members gathered to remember her. Tears flowed during an emotional mass at Saint Francis Catholic Church in Gates Mills Wednesday morning.

Afterward, children decorated balloons with pictures and messages for Rosemarie. The family walked outside and let them go.

“No one is beyond God’s mercy and forgivness. Wouldn’t it be nice if he just admitted what he did, and we could all move on? I think we could find it in our hearts to forgive him,” Rosemarie’s brother Dominic DiPuccio said.

Source: http://www.newsnet5.com/dpp/news/rosemarie-essa’s-family-gathers-on-5th-anniverary-of-her-death

Blogger–Heal Thyself!

I am using the Net as doctor. I will have to say I’ve gotten some good advice as to the reason for my recent spate of dizzy spells and how to control them with positions. Just sayin. Don’t take my advice google for yourself.

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