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Oops, I said “Nine” but I meant “Avatar” for set direction

Damn, I marked my ballot Avatar and put down “Nine” oh well. And on Blogcritics I called it an Avatar sweep with 9, but put down 8. I goofed here, like last year.

Mo’Nique Won and gave a good speech

This was a no brainer. She has won every damn thing up till now. Black folks did not see what I saw. I told them this had Oscar written all over it.

And I am glad I was wrong about best adapted screenplay and a brother won it for Precious.

Makeup–who cares?

Oh my bad. I missed this one too. Let’s see I got 3 and missed 3. But I don’t care because I predicted that it was about Avatar anyway.

I got the big ones so far, except for Supporting Actor.

Who the fuck is she? Ruins Music by Prudence–updated

Some woman upstages this African guy’s win for this film. You know she was a Jew who couldn’t take low. WTF lady? They finally pulled her off stage with the music. The man had to point out that Prudence was in the back. She was in a wheelchair or something and in S. Africa. I never even heard of the film. I think it was a bit of an upset. But it looked like a good film.

For this category I went with The GM plant movie a pure guess, also the favored film, that I did not get. But the night is about Avatar.

I guess the red haired wierdo was associated with the film or was an escort.

I had to go to Oscar.com to solve this mystery. I thought she was just some crazy Jewish woman, but she was co-winner with Ross. However, she was so damn rude that I didn’t know who the hell she was. Okay, she was co-winner but that is no damn excuse for her behavior.

Roger Ross Williams:

Oh my god. This is amazing. Two years ago when I got on an airplane and went to Zimbabwe, I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I’d end up here. This is so exciting. This is so exciting. So exciting.

Elinor Burkett:

…Let the woman talk. Isn’t that the classic thing? In a world in which most of us are told and tell ourselves that we can’t. Liyana, the band behind this film, teaches us that we’re wrong. Against all odds they did, so we can. So the bottom line is, to me, my role models and my heroes, Marvelous and Energy, Tapiwa, Goodwell, the whole rest of the band and especially Prudence.

Roger Ross Williams:

And Prudence who is here. Who is back there. Prudence is here tonight. This is for Prudence.

I would be 4/4 but…I am 3/1

I could be 4/4 but did not see IG. But so far I’ve picked the other 3 winners spot on: Up, song from Crazy Heart, and original screenplay with the Hurt Locker.

Best Supporting Actor presented by Penelope Cruz goes to Walz for IG (worse movie ever)

It’s strange that they would give it to a Nazi player instead of one of the Jews. He was good but I did not want to give it to him.

They are running through the nominees. I am surprised Matt was nominated. I saw that movie and he did give a good performance but nah.

Woody Harelson for The Messenger which I did not see. So he won’t win.

Christopher Plummer for The Last Station which I did see. He should win. But will he?

Stanley Tucci for the Lovely Bones, which I did not see. He does not have a chance but he can act.

Christoph Walz is cute as hell. But I did not see IG. He said he can think like a Jew. Too bad it was such a fucked up movie by Tarrantino.

Winner: Christoph Walz he was the favored.

Martin and Baldwin are hilarious

They are cracking me up. I have to take my cold medicine so I can laugh without coughing.

I had a “Sandra Bullock” moment at the grocery store today

I made a quick run to the store this morning to buy some red meat to boost my blood level (meat is nasty) and I was like two inches away and staring face to face with a young woman who was the spitting image of Sandra Bullock. I started to ask her if anyone ever told her that but I didn’t. I just stared at her and thought…what a great omen for Sandra.

I won’t say good luck because it’s just good fate.

Barbara Walters Last Stand–We Hope

Love Sandra Bullock. She put has put Barbara on the hot seat. It’s her final Oscar night special. About time…just sayin. She has quit about ten times.

Mo’Nique is first up. She looks gorgeous, and sometimes she is side splitting funny. She knew she was going to be a star. The self fulfilling prophecy. Did this film make black people look bad? Hell no. I think incest is more prevalent among white families but that will probably be lost on the audiences looking at this phenom as simply one for black folks. Yes, black men can be more randy, let’s say. For her it was her brother who molested her.

Sandra came from a classy, artistic family. She grew up in Europe practically. Sandra is a renaissance woman really. And she’s a true brunette and that’s another reason I want her to win. I am sick of the blond sweeps. Yeah for the beautiful brunettes. I love Streep though and she gets nominated every year. She is never snubbed ain’t that enough?

Anyway, I guess Walters and her husband are rich enough and he already owns all of TV and the news. How much can one person get? Damn!

She will be talking to Sandra, Mo’Nique and a retrospective look at her million other shows.

Remember Heloise called Sandra and Mo’Nique out early on as winners for tonight. They have been on a roll ever since. Last year I said it would be Winslet and so it was.

Oscar Blackout in New York (alt online links) –The Trough will be liveblogging

Sunday Blackout Here’s what’s going on:

NEW YORK (AP) – ABC’s parent company switched off its signal to Cablevision’s 3.1 million customers in New York at midnight Saturday in a dispute over payments that escalated just hours before the start of the Academy Awards.

In dueling statements dispatched early Sunday, the two companies blamed each other for the stalemate in negotiations over fees.

“Cablevision has once again betrayed its subscribers,” said Charissa Gilmore, a spokeswoman for the Walt Disney Co. and ABC Television Group, in a statement. “Cablevision pocketed almost $8 billion last year, and now customers aren’t getting what they pay for … again.”

I had already planned to liveblog this. Yes, everybody is welcome to check it out here. There will also be youtube of the highlights for sure.

Here’s a link from Huffpo with links to watch and catch the action with streaming feeds etc.