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Do you Have Meniere’s Disease like I do?

Mayo Clinic link. This link has the best advice I’ve seen. Many people are undiagnosed. If you get dizzy, have been under great stress in your life, become nauseated and throw up for no reason? Over 40? It is difficult to diagnose and has been undiagnosed in many people including myself.

I’d Rather Campaign and Blogs for Actors than for Politicos

I had to ask myself why I preferred and switched to movie critic from political critic? The answer is simple–they are quite similar. The Oscars are political and one’s case must be made by others and by their performance.

I campaigned for certain films and actors and the results were mostly positive. But two things happened with Avatar it came out late in the year and I did not get a chance to talk it up. I was ambivalent and in the end it did not win. The actors that I was gung ho for went to the top. Even gained a few that were an upset.

Hurt Locker should have gotten maybe one or two awards. But no it got 6. It’s a WTF moment here.

And what worries me most is that it may not be safe to go to the movies for a long time. It does not bode well for normal movies. They are all gonna be about some fucking war zone or bomb shit.

How can a movie no one saw win Best Picture? Rigged!

The Hurt Locker. Who the hell saw it but a handful of critics? This is some stupid shit. I think people felt it. Only the win by Sandra and Mo’Nique made any sense tonight.

I am going to complain about this. Complain.

WTF? The Hurt Locker (best pic–that sucks)

I think I know what happened. Hurt won because bloggers blogged it up. Blame bloggers. It was their vote that pushed Hurt over the top. It was like online rigging. Last year Slumdog won and it was nothing like Avatar. But bloggers loved it and it made lots of money.

I was like the last to see it. I am so mad. I would rather see Precious win than this fucking war crap. Good night.

But if you want a good laugh read what I wrote when I first saw The Hurt Locker. I actually predicted it would win over Avatar. I hope I didn’t jinx the movie. This is some crap though. I mean a film NOBODY saw wins best picture. This is unheard of.  James should demand a recount. He won at the GG and should have won big at the AA.

I can’t believe it. I predicted it and then seeing Avatar changed everything. Good night Heloise you have to get up early you nut.

Best Picture–The Hurt Locker sweeps! I don’t believe it

I don’t believe this war shit has won all these awards. I saw it did not write a review for it because honestly I couldn’t even watch every scene. Best picture “The Hurt Locker” I don’t think so.

Best Director–Katherine Bigelow

Who will win and who should win? This is a 10 way race for lots of Oscar worthy films. A black man could win, a woman could win or James Cameron and Avatar could win.

The winner is Katherine Bigelow, first woman to win best director. There goes Avatar’s sweep.

Sandra Bullock–Leading (Best) Actress

Oprah also wore midnight blue and spoke for Gabe Sidebe. She gave a graceful speech. But we already know who the winner is. I reviewed “An Education” because I loved Carey Mulligan’s performance and if this had not been a year of good actresses she would probably be winning.

Sean Penn announced award for Best peformance by a woman in a leading role. And the winner is…Sandra Bullock.

This was so funny because I picked her from day one. And it only steamrolled from there. She did not think she would win. But she really deserves it.

Jeff Bridges Win for Best Actor

as predicted. My TV is now acting up. I ain’t in NYC! I fixed my technical difficulty.

It seems that Avatar should be winning more. Must be the 10 nominees. Fuck that. Go back to five. Jeff gave a very long speech but he deserved the win.

Secret in their eyes–I would have never guessed that

I picked A Prophet, but this movie never heard of it’s from Argentina or something.

It looks like Oscar is going over the top in terms of time.

Tyler Perry presents award for film editing “The Hurt Locker” won

The Hurt Locker won for film editing. I should have gone with my ballot choices. I gave Hurt Locker a few wins, and then gave them all to Avatar. Darn must be the meat. My intuition was better than my actual picks.