Zoe Buckman is not Jewish IMO


The couple married in a “secret ceremony” that means he did not have to commit to having a Jewish wedding since she is not Jewish IMO.  Now they are expecting a baby. Technically the baby is only half Jewish and not Jewish since the mom is not Jewish. Get it?

Update: Zoe Buckman and husband David are expecting a baby. I think she a goya girl. But after reading Hitch-22 any frickin body in Britain might be Jewish and never know. Why? One reason many children were sent without parents during WWII and totally assimilated and many have Anglo names and like Christopher Hitchens’ maternal family– intermarry and change names. They have to intermarry or else their looks will give them away. This I know about Jewish people: they were black before they were white.

Anyway,  Zoe and official Jew David Schwimmer (that’s funny) are about to get married (at this writing).  They will probably marry in her church if she has not converted.  See my other post.

My guess is that her name sounds British.  Yup right again. I think I just saw a headline that said that she was a British photog! Damn I’m good.

I can find nothing on her parents on the web.  Her uncle however is a different story. All I can do is work backward, or sideways:

Blatchley lived single for from 1979 to 1987. Fans of the actor claimed him to be gay, but he denied these claims. From 1984 to 1987, Blatchley began suffering a troubled life. His childhood life had been riddled with abuse from his parents, and he didn’t get proper education, although he went onto become a very successful actor. His father died of liver problems due to his heavy drinking when Blatchley was just fourteen, and his mother blamed him of the death, and she abused him heavily, and Blatchley eventually had to be taken into care.

From 1979 to 1987 Blatchley became an extremely heavy alcoholic and was locked in a cell over night in 1983 after he drunkenly throwing a rock through the home of a shop owner who, Blatchley claimed, had apparently not given him the right amount of change for the money he gave him.

On the 12 August 1987, at four PM, Blatchley was found dead by his brother-in-law with bags of cocaine and heroine under the mattress and beneath his pillow. Blatchley was pronounced to have died round about five hours earlier due to his state.

Blatchley’s funeral was held on 1 November the same year.

His mother did not learn of Blatchley’s death until after his death.

He was just 29 years old. He is her uncle or was her uncle on her mother’s side. That name is NOT Jewish unless it was changed to sound anglo and to avoid the racism of England for Jewish people. So, if her mom was not Jewish then I am right she is probably not.

However, there are not many pics of this photog and she has that swarthy Jewish girl look. She LOOKS Jewish actually, but her name is not Jewish. More later when I know for sure. Pure guess now her parents are scrubbed from the Web looks like.

Obama Beach Book:  President Reagan: The Role Of A Lifetime

This is the book he took to Hawaii.

Then there is David Schwimmer's directorial debut, pretty good film too Run, Fatboy, Run starring Tandie Newton


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