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Watch: Farrakahn on Arsenio Hall show–cost him the show

While Wikipedia makes no mention of the reason for Arsenio’s demise. But does state that at one time he was wildly popular. There is absolutely no mention as to the timeline of his show. Immediately after the airing of the interview with Farrakhan, Mr. Hall got the ax.
Link to video in case you missed the fact that both Arsenio and other talk show host have lost talk shows when they incensed the Jews in some way. The link above has other videos but one or two have the actual Farrakan interview with Arsenio. I think the next day Hall got the AX from the JEWS!

American Cocaine Addiction feeds the Killer Mexican Drug Cartels

Link from a long document on a site that quotes Jewish scholars and reviewers on the role of Jews in America and the huge drug cartels and crime bosses found in America and Europe. Naturally, Hitler killed many criminals when he killed a lot of Jews but he did not gas them all. By no means. Here’s a sample paragraph from this site:

Today’s drug dealing is probably the world’s most profitable crime; profit margins can range from 200% for cocaine to 1,200% for heroin. The Colombian international drug cartel, “Kali,” which monopolizes the trade in Los Angeles and Miami, is estimated to distribute over 80% of the world’s cocaine and a third of its heroin. Illegal drug syndicates are estimated to take in about $25 billion a year in the United States alone. In 1998, 59 tons of cocaine and 770 pounds of heroin were confiscated by American police authorities.

Little known — and little publicized — in America, in recent years the Jewish “Russian mafia,” and Orthodox religious and Israeli business networks with deep links to drug cartels, have been instrumental in maintaining the United States drug problem. Many of these criminals are particularly pious Jews, and a number of Orthodox Jewish religious institutions have been used for the laundering of literally hundreds of millions of dollars in drug money in (particularly) New York City. (Money laundering here refers to the task of getting huge sums of money that were paid for drugs, originally in small bills, into a form of assets that has the appearance of legality.) In 1994 Israeli journalist Ben Kapit exposed this story of Jewish culpability and corruption in America’s growing drug problem; he wrote in Hebrew, to an Israeli audience, in the newspaper Ma’ariv.

We know all about the blacks who made a few dollars from the trade such as the man Denzel portrayed in American Gangster. But hell that was then, this is now and then.  If drugs are the biggest money in the world, why wouldn’t Jews not be there? Heard of Sasson the hair mogul? His family was also a drug family.

You know people are quick to point the finger at Joe Kennedy for running rum and gin during prohibition and bilking the bucks out of the stock market before he fixed it but that was only a drop in the bucket compared to what world Jewry has done. All that’s left is for them to corral the Christians into concentration camps.

My aunt and I were talking about what we can do.  What are the ramifications of the fact that the Protocols of Zion have come to pass and the Jewish karma is about to fruit in the battle of Armagedon? One thing we can do is to stop using drugs!  I don’t mean the phony just say no to drugs but really get people off drugs.

My ex husband who is now an ex addict tells me that there is a war against those who want to kick drug habits. No one wants them to stop using. So it is hard to get into rehab but easy to get drugs and go to an ER when you get wasted. Blacks, whites and everyone who is using drugs are only hastening the day of the demise of this country.

Chelsea Clinton Weds “Nice” Jew Marc Mezvinsky (updated)

It’s official Chelsea has finally married the man she has been sleeping with since her teen years.  At a Jew-studded wedding they exchanged vows i lily white Rhinebeck NY.  There was a token black present Jordan a Clinton fixer no less.

Good luck Chelsea with your Jewish in laws. And we will see which marriage implodes first among the many mixed marriages of late.  I wonder if Paris Hilton will be next to marry a jew. I think her dad is Jewish though.

Another Goya marries the enemy. And by the way, both of his parents are Jewish. So there’s no doubt Chelsea will have to convert or agree to have their children know their faith. Technically, since the mother is a Goya the kids are not Jews. But not in my book. This is typical of what Jews do: find the most Puritan-like Christian they can to marry. The Clintons are WASPs to the core–from this life and previous lives. My take: he does NOT run for high office and he does not kill her.

Mr. Mezvinsky, 31, works at Goldman Sachs and is the son of two former Democratic members of Congress, Edward Mezvinsky of Iowa, who served from 1973 to 1977 but was later convicted of defrauding investors and sentenced to seven years in prison, and Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky of Pennsylvania, who served from 1993 to 1995 and lost re-election after voting for President Clinton’s budget program.

Marc is about as nice a Jew as the one that Ivanka married: both dads are convicted felons! And this Jew worked for Goldman Sachs and they are naturally friends of the Clintons for years. Goldman is as guilty as Madoff in bringing the world economies to their collective knees. No wonder Clinton gave Blankfein the keys to the federal vault! I can’t empahsize enough how cozy the pols R with the investment banks.

Here’s link for the RING. It appears to be a square baguette.  They are to wed this summer in an intimate setting. I guess no Kennedys will be there LOL! They threw her under the bus.

The only thing left is for the Jews to march the Christians into concentration camps of their own making.