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March 27, 1942–Anniversary of Jews deported to Death Camps from France (list of names)

List of names from this link.

You can get an idea of the last names of these people. Some are changed here and there as any survivors who got away. But most did not. The French happily handed over its Jews to the death camps. A man named Koppell was among those deported.

Jewish Market: My New Category

Why? Because Jews just wanna be seen. And recall the old days of the slave trade with its infamous slave market? Well, black folks could not fight the power and the slavetraders, many were Jewish, but now with Net the great equalizer we can all see, touch, buy and sell Jews virtually! Isn’t the Web great?

People really don’t get Heloise. She’s a comedienne at heart and a satirist, not a satanist. She learned from the master Moliere who invented satire.

She nor I preach hate, racism or violence au contraire I preach laughter. Laugh at these people who invented racism and chosen people because they sure as hell laughed and are still laughing at black people (and goyim) whom they called apes and baboons. Hitler laughed at them calling them “rats.” So rat say hello to your friendly ape neighbor on the Net.