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Rep. Randy Neugebauer (R): “It’s a baby killer!” of Texas said dat

Ooops someone called Bart Stupak a baby killer. I think I know why. The bill calls for late, late term abortion paid for by the Feds. Really? It did not have to be a wingnut but it probably was. No one knows who said it yet.

A Republican Texas congressman has fessed up to saying “it’s a baby killer.” He was not talking about Stupak. Well, we have Jewish reps here in Texas too. And they are of two types: the super lib anti war socialist Jew vs his pretend ultra conservative Jew.

It’s Official: Historic Health Care Bill passes with 219 votes

It’s Official NO GOP on board none have voted. It is up to 217 votes and that’s all folks.

Health Care vote Underway…No GOP on board?

The vote is up to 185 yea and so far 22 Dems have voted nay with some NV out there too. The NV is nearly 100.

Boehner asked for a voice vote but was denied. The vote went electronically. It is now up to 200 with only 16 to go for approval. Noq only 8 votes to go.

But wait Pelosi was touting this stuff, but hell she acts like it is going into effect tomorrow instead of four years from now. And if it passes tonight can’t it get overturned in the future. Four years is beyond Obama’s first term if he should not regain the WH.

Celebrity Apprentice: Sinbad the next to go?

Sinbad is so disorganized. He has not said one damn coherent sentence. But the girls Tenacity team is rocking it once again. They should have a better design and a better outcome than the men. They won’t need to throw Sinbad under the bus he’s already there. He does not know his ass from a manhole in NYC.

Tonight’s project involves Kodak moments and a storefront where they have to be inviting to strangers in NYC. Who will trump team?

Okay already predicted that Sinbad is not sitting pretty and will probably be fired. But seems like everybody is fired up about the health care vote. It’s over folks. It passed 219 yea votes. No need for a voice vote bcz not one GOP voted for it.

House Rules! 219 Yea votes and a done deal

I guess they will be gloating about this for days.  The final vote count will be well over 300 yeas. So that’s a mandate to destroy the insurance industry. Who knew?

Okay so it is 414 votes that allowed this vote to pass. Who needs Stupak. Public funded abortion gets the green light for abortion on demand for all 9 months of preggers? WTF! Is that true.

Okay thought that the first vote was the real deal and it was not. It’s a done deal now and I can’t believe that not one Repub voted for the bill. What does that mean? I think it does not bode well the longevity of the bill or for its viability.

GOP Yea: 120+ and Counting Dems 150+ and counting

I thought no GOP were going to vote for this shit? Who’s lying? There are more than enuf votes to  destroy the insurance industry and the medical industry as we know it.

Socialized medicine is here.

Health Care Vote and Passage–Changes Everything

There has got to be a better way to fix the health care system. There are so many good things out there that are simply ignored. Digitizing the records for one. Why was this not done before? Jobs, jobs lost in the field is why. Why not the cash and carry system? Again jobs lost if it is TOO SIMPLE.

Yes, too simple means saving money and loss of the insurance industry run by fringe groups who pay big bucks to big lobbies for big wigs on the hill. That’s where our future is going.

Will it bankrupt the country if passed and stand as is? Absolutely! It is designed to destroy the country not designed to fix the health care crisis.

Alberto Reynoldo Gonzales, Rahm “dead fish” Emanuel and Barack Hussein Obama–3 reasons to amend the constitution

There is something new under the sun: immigration reform and consitutional amendments. Amendments that include:  all educated without question and automatically citizens if they are merely born in this country. The founding fathers could not see past their long white noses…and did not see the invasion south of the border to the north nor did they foresee anyone other than a white man as president or white people (defined as Anglo Saxon) as filling up this great land.

This is not a new crusade for me. I began touting this idea when Bush appointed ARG to AG. And I thought of Bobby Kennedy and how unlike each other they are. Then I thought WTF are we doing? Allowing folks whose parents and grandparents were not born in this country elected and high appointed office? But no takers. Today I rest my case.

I said this long before Obama was elected: how can a person whose parents and grandparents were not born in this country reach, be appointed to or elected to high office? We are and will continue to pay the price.

The former (disgraced) AG, ARG was born in Texas and his parents he claims were also born in Texas. But his grandparents for sure were not only born in Mexico but illegal aliens. His parents too could have been illegal aliens since they were born in Texas. I mean how hard is to walk a kid across the border then say it was born in the states? Under the amendment the burden of proof, if there is doubt, would lie on the person seeking the office.

It don’t matter if Obama were born outside of the USA because this amendment would ensure that there is American lineage. By those standards Michelle Obama should be president and not Obama! Why, because his father was not American and his mother spent more time outside the country as he did.

Then there’s Emanuel the Mossad squad leader. He has Israel and Russia stamped all over his ugly mug.

Emanuel, who was killed in the 1936 Arab insurrection in Palestine. Benjamin’s parents changed the family’s last name from Auerbach to Emanuel in their son’s honor. In the middle of the wall, in a frame, is a crocheted money belt that the boys’ great-grandmother wore when she emigrated from Russia.“There’s nothing subtle in Jewish families,” Rahm says. “It was my parents’ way of reminding us of our fortune of being here, the sense that it’s a privilege and an honor to be in this country, and that that can’t be wasted.”

Rahm says his parents also gave their children two seemingly contradictory thoughts—“one is to always challenge authority; the other is to always respect it.”

Their father, a pediatrician who moved to the States from Israel in 1959,

Two things stand out here…even Russian Jews who are not born here are wont to change their last names! And if you read this link you will see that that the whole family was bent on ruling every domain they entered. Rahm Auerbach was a congressman x3 and now holds the fourth highest office in the land. This has got to stop people.

This link is what the Jews think about Rahm. They love his dirty drawers. And this is where “dead fish” comes from. He sent a dead fish to someone he did not like. And Obama puts this man in his WH.

Save the best for last: We can thank Ted Kennedy’s policy for bringing Barack Obama Sr. to America.  From Wikipedia:

Barack Hussein Obama was born in Kanyadhiang village, Rachuonyo District[1] on the shores of Lake Victoria just outside Kendu Bay, Kenya Colony, at the time a colony of the British Empire. He was raised in the village of Nyang’oma Kogelo, Siaya District, Nyanza Province.[11] His family are members of the Luo ethnic group.

He was a son of Onyango Obama (c. 1895-1979), who had at least three wives. Barack Obama Sr. was the son of Habiba Akumu Nyanjango of Karabondi, Kenya, the second wife. However, he was raised by Onyango’s third wife, Sarah Ogwel of Kogelo, after Akumu left her family and separated from her husband in 1945.[3][12

What boggles my mind is how or why Obama changed his name when he lived with his mother in Indonesia? He  took the name of her second husband Soetoro and was Barry the Muslim living most of his life in Hawaii and the island of SE Asia with his stepfather and his sister. His mother was an anthropologist, atheist, communist, gentile. However she was more Jewish in ideology than in blood. So Obama is torn between two lovers: Islam and Israel!

For most of his childhood, Barack Hussein Obama lived with his mother and stepfather in Indonesia and went by the name of Barry Soetoro. During that phase of his life — despite his campaign’s assertions to the contrary — little Barry was, at least outwardly, an observant and devout Muslim. http://gatesofvienna.blogspot.com/2008/10/indonesia-terrorism-and-barry-soetoro.html

My final argument goes like this: if we have to inspect their past lives for clues then we should. I mean Bill Clinton was a red blooded American and was shot and killed in the wild west as Wild Bill Hickok. On the other hand, FDR was a turban wearing muslim hero who worked with Blavatsky and the Theosophical Society. He is now painted as one of the scions of socialism. Who knew? Heloise knew.

I rest my case. This is not what the forefathers SAW COMING. And we did not see this coming.  It’s here and my question is:  WHAT THE FUCK are we the people going to do about it?