Daily Archives: March 25, 2010

Movie Review: The September Issue

I am the original fashionista. I invented the look of the look and made clothes that reflected my artsy, bohemian nature without patterns. I mean people literally stopped me on the street and asked me where I got my clothes. And when I said I made them, they wanted my number so I could outfit them too. To look like me? Who knew?

But that was back in the day before black folks dared dream of owning anything. Anyway the word on the street was that the fashion spies would check out the major city trends and then take it back to the office and copy what young, hip, black folks were wearing in Chi town, and LA. I can’t tell you how many looks I’ve inspired. But not as many headlines, sound bites and show titles since taking up blogging (The Daily Rundown the latest). I love fashion, love looks–therefore, I seek out movies like The September Issue.

I mean the rag industry as well as haute couture is prime Jewish domain, just like everything else, but hey, it’s just world culture stolen and resold.

Anyway, if you can get past the uber Jews in the film and the lack of black people, except for the gay, famous, black assistant editor (who really doesn’t count because he’s so far up their asses–literally) it’s a good look at how to look good while spending a lot of money. Or how to look and retool the looks into something wearable.

The film posits that ugly actress (who the hell is she?) Sienna Miller as the It girl on the cover of the September Isssue that will outsell and outweigh all other former September issues. Why Miller? Not just because she’s Jewish like everybody surrounding her on the shoots but because she’s a celebrity and celebrity sells serious fashion magazines.

It gets boring fast. But the best shoot done at Versailles just south of Paris. I mean they don’t tell you it’s the palace of Versailles, but hell I’ve been there and taken photos inside and out…so heads up. That’s the best part.

One other thing I found of interest: the great Anna Winter (British “Winter” Jews originally) wore lots of fur-trimmed jackets. And in the office wore cute, colorful dresses. That was a surprise. So to that end here’s the Web site just heard about from watching Top Model. It’s called bluefly.com. I have it set on the designer dresses page for perusal because that’s what the great Anna Winter wears to work. It’s a designer duds site where you buy stuff at a discount.

Anyway, sorry didn’t mean to wax autobiographical. Just more Heloise hidden talent.