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OMG! START Could be the END of Israel

That’s right up the alley of prophecy. The bear (Russia) will sign a treaty and will honor it for some years. Then bam. It’s all over. Armagedon for Israel And none too soon. Will the Jews all have returned to Israel for the National Revelation or will they be too busy taking over the world when the Russians smash them to smithereens?

Keep your fingers crossed. If Russia and USA and Obama are in cohoots then it does not bode well for Israel. Hey that rhymes. So much for the winepress today.

I think this thing will be settled with force. There is no other way. Iran and Israel will never see eye to eye across the table of conflict. Stay tuned for more START.


Greek-American vs Cuban-American (Crist v Rubio)

I just watched the hot debate between these two. Yes public service is the road to influence, power and money, especially for the immigrant class. That combined with education has put some groups over the top in terms of over representation in higher ed, government jobs, dole, financial and IT industries.

But for the common folks it is far easier to go out and get elected and move up from there. However we are gaining a new geek class that threatens to take over America vs regular folks.

The battle between these two is a classic one. One son of immigrants and the other grandson of immigrants leaving behind those who have been here for centuries!

If I were in Florida I would be cautious about either candidate. My amendment to the constituion would call for the candidate to have parents who were both born in this country as a minimal requirement. That would leave out Rubio. Here in Texas we have Bill White and Gov. Perry seeking the highest office here. Perry will probably win again.

Obama in Kabul-land (makes surprise visit to Afghanistan)

Obama in Kabul

Have we gone from the “New Deal” to the “Big Fucking Deal?”

That’s my take on what the Dems have wrought. It is a big deal. It helps those with insurance the most. But that was always a shifting sand anyway. I mean every year we would have to look at how the insurance changed so that we could adjust our money accordingly.

I mean I like the idea of putting pre tax dollars aside. And also using urgent care and family doctors instead of ER rooms and expensive ambulance rides.

We have been paying for those who cannot pay all along. I mean an ambulance ride and a few short hours at the ER cost nearly 5,000 dollars and THAT”S WITH insurance!

My part was about 3,000 dollars give or take a few bucks. I mean it’s not worth it. Around here the hospitals are building up like crazy. We are gaining population and the hospitals here are expanding. That costs money people. Have they already gouged enough of us to afford to build up like this?

I want to retire in 6 years and still have some sort of insurance. We’ll see how it all  works out.

My beef with Obama is that he is stacking the deck with too many loony liberals many who were not even born here! Including his own father. We know that for sure.