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Glenn Beck Waxes Historical…but he’s wrong

I have been watching Glenn Beck lately to see what he’s up to. Today was a special edition. He went through some historical accounts of genocide. The one few know about was the racial extinction took place in the Ukraine. The history was real but he said that we can stop or keep it from happening in the future. That’s where he’s wrong. In other words if we have the knowledge about what we are getting ourselves into we can stop it before it happens. With our eyes wide open we can prevent genocide. The government is the problem.

As I wrote genocide will never be extinguised. History tells us that it has always been with us and cannot be wiped out by the right or by the left.


Watch: Badu’s big Booty (new song “Window Seat”) Wow!

Video and song from her official site. The local news made it clear that she got naked. And in the video she walks quite a ways with just her underwear and her big booty showing. The song is quite good too.

She falls when a shot is fired and it is near the spot where JFK was actually hit just as the car was about to go under the tunnel. Who else died in a tunnel?

Erykah Badu Breaks the Law in Dallas (strips in public)

Erykahtakes it off in Dealy Plaza to protest the assasination of the individual. She broke a bunch of laws doing it like filming without a permit and indecent exposure.

Who Owns, Runs and Controls Biggest Search Engines?

Sergey Brin at the Wailing Wall

Radio Islam Breaks it down. That’s right. Here’s a link to who’s making inroads and controlling interest on the Web. A quote to go along with it. It’s a real I  told you so anyway. You can add Andrew Breitbart to the list (gay and Jewish–aren’t they all?) Even I found the list beyond shocking.

  Apart from that many of the main instruments of Internet usage are in the hands of dedicated Zionist Jews like Google (Sergey Brin, Larry Page), Facebook (Mark Zuckerberg, Sheryl Sandberg, Dustin Moskovitz) Yahoo! (formerly Terry Semel), MySpace (Tom Anderson, Richard Rosenblatt, Travis Katz), Wikipedia (Jimmy Wales, Larry Sanger, senior editor David Miller aka Shankbone), eBay (Jeff Skoll).
   The Jews have also organized special sites like MEMRI and the SITE-institute to propagate Israeli propaganda and to generate hatred by Westerners against Muslims and Arabs. The scope of this Jewish effort was clearly seen during and immediately after the 2008-2009 murderous assault on the Palestinians in Gaza.

Just had a thought about the genesis of the Net (my other nickname) was with the physicists who actually created the Internet and the U. of Texas at Austin created the www part to organize the Net. But physics is mostly made up of Jewish physicists and Gore said he invented the internet (he’s part Jewish) and today we know where all this would lead.  How will all the information that we search for be used and stored in the future? Will it be used to assign us to the concentration camps closest to home when the police state  comes to “protect” us from “Muslim extremists/terrorists”? You think I’m kidding…I’m not.

Disclosure: one of my former religions was based in esoteric Islam and I am a Muslim lover and sympathiser. So if that makes me anti-semitic…so be it.

King’s Speech “Beyond Viet Nam”

Tavis Smiley, host of the Tavis Smiley Show. Tonight at 8:30 p.m. Eastern, C-SPAN2 will air ‘We Count! The Black Agenda is the American Agenda’, the gathering of black leadership he recently hosted in Chicago. On Wednesday night, PBS will air Tavis Smiley’s special “MLK: A Call to Conscience”:http://www.pbs.org/kcet/tavissmiley/reports/episode-two.html.

Wednesday nite King, and tonight broadcast of Saturday’s fest at Chicago State U. (my alma mater) on CSPAN 2 this evening Monday.

King was hated the end of his life for his stand against Viet Nam. I write about him in Dinner With DaVinci because I believe that he was the great Tullius Cicero reborn. The parallels in their lives are stunning!