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Halle as Cougar Not Working

It’s over for the couple who are ten years apart in age. She’s 44 and he’s 34. Been there, done that. I saw it coming so I let it go before it went too far.

My man looked a lot like Halle’s man, an Italian stallion, a girl magnet. He was 15 years younger than myself. She gets to keep her daughter though.

Katie Holmes, Gregg Kinnear Portray Jackie and Jack–History Channel’s Kennedy Mini Series amidst controversy

The Cast as Kennedy kin in History Channel’s controversial new mini series about the Kennedy family. They want to tell the salacious amidst the protest of the Kennedy family itself.

It will center on Jack’s cheating heart. I know all about that. It may be reality show fodder but don’t make Jack look bad. But have you noticed that almost every day some TV news or program mentions or shows JFK doing his thing? I don’t see any other former president so visible as Jack. Interesting.

My girl Sandra Bullock adopts biracial baby boy

The pics are out from People and Sandra and baby grace the mags. He is so cute. He looks biracial to me. Just sayin.

The baby is from New Orleans. He has dark skin and shiny black hair. He looks like a Creole, but he’s a little too dark for that. So my guess is that little Louie is biracial.

Kos called it last year: It’s official–Crist goes (I)

Kos on Crist. I’ve been watching this too because after my Palin book review I too took note of Rubio. He’s a Cuban with a chance to win senate seat. The Dem is a black man named Meeks. Florida is a conservative state. I am going to Orlando next month. If I see Meeks he might have a chance. I should interview him for BC. But may not have time. His star would rise if I did help him out with an interview. But oops I forgot will the Jews of FL vote for a black man if I endorse him?

Just because he’s black does not make him right for black folks.

Julia and Gabby have something in common

It’s official: Gabby and Julia were both voted 100 most beautiful people for People mag. She has a great sense of herself and does not see the, well, obvious when she looks in the mirror. Or rather she does not let it interfere with her good nature. Zoe Saldana also made the list. Here’s the sneak peak link from People.

Conjuntivitis: natural, instant relief (it works)

Idid overuse OTC eye drops and it was bad. I went online after getting a Rx from my doctor. That helped. But it still hurt.

I went online and found this: a weak solution of green tea, honey and baking soda. I used. Distilled water boiled and put a drop of honey in 6 oz of H20 along with a pinch of baking soda dipped a green teabag in it and voila instant relief.

I put the solution in a clean bottle with dropper. And in two days eyes were clean and painfree. But felt it work instantly.

When I wake up with clear eyes I know it is okay to use contacts again.

It takes 2 wks to clear a case of conjunctivitis.

Of Banks and Sugar Daddies

This is the crux of the problem: that banks, bankers and those who work for banks have the politicians laughing all the way to the, well, bank Wells Fargo et al. This is who is funding the fighters for our consumer rights. The lobbies and the contributions and the big dough used to run a campaign is ridiculous.

We know that Dodd is at the top of the list of folks with  sugar daddies. This is the arsonist who runs the fire department AKA SEC.  We’ve been had.

Plunder: Crime of the Century (new book and film)

Here’s a link from Democracy Now! with the author of Plunder: Crime of the Century.

JUAN GONZALEZ: And much of what’s happening now in Congress is actually both parties trying to angle for the mantle of going after Wall Street when they’ve actually been sitting around now for a year and a half not doing anything about the origins of the crisis.

DANNY SCHECHTER: There’s a saying in this world called Capture. You know, that Congress and politicians have been captured by the industry.

This link has a clip from the film and the author interview. This is a good Jew outing the bad Jews et al who have robbed the public through the loan sharking done with the mortgage market nightmare. I told you so. Don’t do the bailout to banks, but no, what am I a thinking? We have no say in our government. Not when elected officials who are running for cover such as Dodd who won’t seek reelection, sold US, you and me, down the proverbial river into credit slavery.

Here’s what burns me: if you been following the Goldman Sachs shit you would know that Blankfein whispered sweet derivatives in Pres. Clinton’s ear and Clinton said “it sounds good to me.” And the rest is history and destruction of the mortgage industry.

In the meantime good people like me have to pay mortgage insurance along with my mortgage. Over the years I’ve paid over 4K in insurance.

Street Fight! (good Jew v Bad Jew)

Today, if you miss it Huffpo and Daily Kos are streaming or TVing the hearing with Sen. Levin and the big Jew Blankfein.  I mean Harvard the Jewish haven lost billions thanks to Summers and company.

But today Mr. Levin is playing good Jew to Blankfein’s bad Jew and calling him out on Goldman Sachs calling him out at every turn of the corner. Old Lloyd knows his stuff. But he was not selling stuff on Wall Street but shit. And when a black man sells “shit” term for street drugs he gets time. What will Blankfein et al get?

Glenn Beck Out-Rights the Right: Glenn is a G-Man (Goldman Sachs)

Beck wonders aloud why Goldman is the boogie man of Wall Street. I mean how could two gay jews bilk Wall Street out of billions with a B? And now why are they being investigated when the Cap and Trade gimmick coming down the pike through the Chicago Climate  exchange the CCX.

He’s right when he says that many of the G-men are still working for the US gov and were all associated with G-man. Well, this has been gong on since Bush. Wake the fuck up Beck. This is NOT new.  But you are aligning youself with the bilkers of America just the same.

A man named Sandors (a Jew no doubt) in an interview said that the climate shit will bilk the world of 10 trillion dollars a year. That’s trillion with a T “selling smoke” to quote Glenn. I see this too a time where no one will be able to afford heat or A/C in their homes and if jobs are driven out then the whole world will be penniless with only a few rich Jews at the top of the pyramid with their slave owners on leash.

This is the gloomy stuff I see. There will be no free market, no liquid money, no heat, no A/C all will have to be strictly controlled because all the money in the world will be sucked into a Jewish void called “The Jew Age.” Yup, the time of evil is here. It won’t only be Jews mind you but it won’t matter. You’ll see. And don’t forget Al Gore is a Jew, a crypto Jew. He is related by blood to Gore Vidal (a gay Jew) and by marriage to Jackie O (also part Jewish).