Daily Archives: May 2, 2010

This Week with Christiane Amanpour

Link Christiane tapped to replace Jake Tapper (temp host) for This Week. The slot that George left vacant when he went morning.

That’s a good sign that they have not chosen another Jewish man to fill this role. But wait she’s an Iranian married to a Jew, so we will probably see a lot of Jews sitting around the table, expect that for sure.

 Jake’s a good guy but I think Christiane might be a better choice. She’s Arab descent, have to check, and was once best friends with JFK Jr. since they both attended Boston U, I thought, but Wiki said she attended another University but not Harvard. At least she is not a Harvard butt.


Out Of Arizona

Since 1940 it has been on the books and constutional for legal alien residents to carry papers with them at all times.

Arizona states that the police can arrest those they suspect of being illegal. If the person who is suspected of a crime or not being here legally they can arrest them. So, papers first, legality second, deportation third. I can’t say too much about this issue because I teach at a school that is 99% Mexican.

But I can say that Arizona is fed up and the reason that whites are fleeing there in droves. So the state says: Out of Arizona if you are not a legal resident.

Word on the Sea: “Anything goes in the Gulf!”

The blame game is no big deal. The responsibility rests squarely with the USA. Just as I was thinking about the blame Sunday Morning said it better “Anything goes in the Gulf” you can do what you want. And they do.

There is no doubt, and no end in sight to this leak. The US is to blame, period.

Ecological Catastrophe: Thank You British Petroleum

That’s all I can say really. We allowed the UK to bring in BP to fuck up the Gulf Coast. The blame game? It is the US fault for not overseeing. I heard they examine once a month. But don’t buy it.

The “Nerd Prom” WH Washington Correspondents Dinner

In caee you missed it: You didn’t miss much. They will run the highlight at Kos or Huffpo. I watched the main show with Obama and Leno speaking. Leno used a bunch of doctored videos to make his jokes. He looked fat, weak, and stupid. He was NOT funny.

I could have come up with better stuff, better timed. He rushed the material and it was dreadful. Nothing memorable. The jokes Obama did on Jay were way funnier than Jay. He said he was glad he did not follow Jay because we know what happens to people whose shows follow him, or something like that.

If you thought this was for the ugly faces in the media only, you would be wrong. Hollywood was there bigtime. And the morning entertainers: Joe and Mika sat at the table on the dais. So I guess MSNBC put this show on. I wonder if my old boss Aretha Mills (an exec who casts talent with MSNBC and Peacock productions) was there?

Obama was good, he played the straight man. He said his popularity has not gone down in his country of birth. That was funny. They made fun of Rahm about the naked body and running up screaming obscenities…and Obama said “welcome to my world.” Well, why did he hire an Jew with dual citizenship whose brother died in fighting for Israel?

I noticed they did not make fun of anybody dead or no racial jokes. Therefore it was not funny.