Daily Archives: May 17, 2010

Bye Bye “Black” Mr. President

Heloise in her many political articles at BC over the election cycle that saw Obama the stealth candidate win over the favored Hillary Clinton came up with some catchy titles. One thing I observed early on and mused “Is Barack Black enough?” I’ve gone back and fro on this question.

MSM and regular folks thought I was crazy but they copied and had the same headlines on their print stuff. Well, here it comes again. And now the answer is a firm “Hell, no!” He appeases whites to the point of nausea.

The only people he has appointed who were not black were his buddies locked in some deep arcane embrace of socialism and ties to Chicago. I’ve had it. You ain’t black and neither is Michelle. This is what the Ivy schools breed out of black men….their last little tiny shred of blackness.

The only reason that men like Cornel West maintain their blackness, at least for a while, is because it went in strong. He tried to be with black women but it just did not work out.

Anyway, won’t be sorry to see this black president gone. He was never for us in the first place. We are not saying you have to pick only blacks but at least be black yourself. That is too much to ask I guess.