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TMZ’s bad boys of Hollywood roll call

TMZand the bad boys of Hollywood and music biz. It seems everybody from Lil Wayne to Ferris Bueller is busted on one crime or another these days. From sex offense to down right murder in the case of the dead wife of Beresford-Redman.

Everybody Loves LeBron!

LeBron James becomes a free agent at midnight. And everybody wants him and the moolah he will bring to the local economy and to the franchise he joins. From Dallas to Chicago to Ohio they are trying to woo Lebron. Who will he choose.

Confirmed by Cronies, Elected by Elites

In this third, is that all, day of hearing we ain’t hearing much. They have given this woman a pass so far. Having a little laugh over a little word, suck I think it was, does not make a justice. I did notice a pattern in her name with a repitition of letters, an, na in the first and last names.

I don’t know what’s worse that Obama picked her or that this wimpy senate will confirm her. I guess they see in her themselves, out of touch, out on a limbo of public opinion. No more institutional supremes. We need time limits on this august body before August.

I know that won’t happen. In the meantime we have to watch the cronies of the congress elect one of their own.

Finally! Larry King Leaving this fall

Oh well, they won’t have to carry King out in a box. He plans to leave his show in the fall. Maybe he read where I wrote that somewhere. That Jews don’t leave their posts on TV but have to be carried out in a pine box they neve die and they never leave. So Finally after he’s been on air for 70 years he’s leaving.

I’m bad, I’m bad

I finally got an ipod and got some music on it. I put a lot of MJ songs on it. I had to go online and get a pdf file and read how to use the ipod. I actually found it in a parking lot. Can you believe it? I have banks that I save the money that I find on walks. It’s bad luck to spend money you find. But I acually found an ipod and if a car had run over it, that would have been the end for it.

It works only I did not have a clue as to how to work it. So, I got a pdf on how to use the ipod and the ipad. I still have to master the ipad but I have time. I challenged myself to learn the ipod first. The sound out of this tiny thing is unbelievable. How do they do it?

Oh gosh I love this thing. And I can do music on my ipad too? I can’t wait. It makes me love MJ music even more. I can listen to it on my running.

Yeah I ran this morning, and walked but now I feel bad because after riding my bike to TCU for classes I ate too damn much. But I am still losing weight.

And then there were 4–Craig is out

For the rose ceremony, in case you missed it, Ali wore a one strap shoulder black dress. She looked beautiful. I did not realize she was so pretty. Jake was stupid and now he and Vienna broke up.

There are only four men in the rose ceremony tonight.  Frank, fine Frank got a rose already. I used to be crazy about a cute Frank, but nothing came of it. Also Ty got a rose. She calls Roberto first, then Chris cute Chris, and the last rose goes to  Kirk got one too. That leaves Craig out in left field holding his balls.

 With Justin done, Ali has stuck a fork in him and he ran off. Who will NOT get a rose tonight?

The five have to wrestle with some big ole Turkish guys. The one who wins will get special one on one time with Ali. It’s olive oil wrestling and it’s on. They were wearing leather pants and olive oil. Oh boy.

Craig the big hulk never had a one on one date. And him worried. I ate too much today. But out of the blue Craig got the alone date for winning the contest.

He is going to make his move for sure.

The Bachelorette: Survival of the Hottest–updated

Well, it’s over for another season of the Bachelorette. Ali has picked Roberto because she felt the heat. He is the hottest and as I said before he’s a catcher and a catch.

I think I like the Bachelor better than the Bachelorette, more drama. But the last guys have just picked any damn body. And now the gossip is that the pilot is gay! Why did he pick Vienna? The outcome is obvious…it’s over between Jake and Vienna.

Ali had a liar on her hands. And she shook him off without batting an eye. Justin the crip had a girlfriend a long-time girlfriend. WTF? She threw him under the bus like he deserves.

Ty is a hunk and they spent a hot date in a hot Turkish tub. And he is a survivor. He may not be the last man standing but he is making a good impression so far. He is a divorcee.

Ironically the men voted Justin off the first freaking night. But Ali was not buying that there was anything wrong with Justin. She was wrong. Justin is a liar and his truthiness did not survive after his girlfriend ratted him out.

Ali in Turkey between a couple of hot buns.

She will get to cool her heels with five guys in Lisban, Portugal. 

The previews are telling us that Frank gets a family date and so does Roberto. They are also going to Tahiti. Who won’t be there? Tahiti is on. But does Frank disappoint? She was liking Frank a lot, but does he break her heart in Tahiti. He said he cannot propose. She thinks she has wasted her time. Oh well, a tall, handsome Frank from Chicago broke my heart as a teen.

Ali may be left without a final date or do they get it together at the last minute. You know the drill and the drama of reality, not reality TV. It’s fun anyway.

Kagan Senate Confirmation hearings begin today

If this man/woman is confirmed it will be reason enough for me not to vote for Obama in 2012 or any other damn Dem.

This is a travesty of justice to allow this woman to become SCOTUS justice.

Will the senate find the balls to say no to this confirm? We will be watching.

Sen. Robert Byrd Dead at 92

Yup the house has another dead one on their hands. This time someone who served until they had to carry him out in a box. We need term limits and this proves it.

Doctor Murder

One year later and we have a new name for Dr. Conrad Murray the man from the islands who can barely speak English–Doctor Murder. Yup, that suits you just fine.

Joe Jackson is suing him in a wrongful death lawsuit. Murray had the nerve to visit MJ grave. They met in Vegas when MJ’s kids were sick. They became friends and eventually his personal physician. One who claims to have never performed CPR. He really cared about MJ…not.