Daily Archives: June 7, 2010

Israel/Gaza: Blockade is an act of war

So that means all the rules are known. If any ships breaks a blockade the party or country which established the blockade has the job of catching and turning back the ship which breaks the blockade.

There is more than one way to stop a ship. What Israel did provoked the peaceful. Maybe they wanted to be provoked. But did they fire a warnng shot before they actually shot up the ship?

If a country is going to implement a blockade they better be prepared to defend it. They need not answer to any other country get it right each time.


Bay Watch (49 days and counting)

The southern part of USA has every body of water known to man within its range. The Gulf is big but part of the ocean. There are bays and bay mamas everywhere. There is the delta where fresh meets salty.

Thad Allen said today that this could take years to clean up and fall before the end of the major eruption flow.

We need to watch how long this takes. We need operation “Bay Watch” and no mission accomplished until the danger is past.

JFK and RFK took 13 days to fix the Cuban Missile Crisis. This oil volcano spill could take 300 days! I just watched the movie Thirteen Days which is the actual account of what transpired when JFK got on the case in a hot second to fix before it got broken.

The other thing I learned is that a blockade is an act of war, next.

Getting Down with Ali

The first half of tonight’s Bachelorette saw Ali and her men getting down with the kissing and grinding. They made some music videos or something. The Weatherman made a fool of himself. Who stays and who goes today?

More later

All The President’s Men Couldn’t Put The Gulf Together Again

Despite the spill or the oil volcano, ethanol is worse. Don’t buy ethanol. But we need to put the oil CEO on the hot seat. Grill, baby, grill the CEOs.

Here’s the latest a new plume has been found.