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“Kill Ken” or at least his tenure as Secty of Interior for MMS Mismanagement

I wanna say “Kill Ken” but that would be too harsh and maybe seen as racist. But this Mexican-American (family been here since 16th century…right) is the man in the mirror is the man behind the MMS MESS. He knew it was scandal-ridden yet kept up appearances doing only God knows what since No Obama put this criminal in office.

Yes, he’s a criminal and should walk the plank along with BP.


The Spill, The Scandal and the President….Rolling Stone inquiry

Here  is the article by Dickinson. I want to know why Obama turned Austria or some country away who wanted to do two, that offered help like a month ago, of the very things we needed most: build sand bars ASAP and send in tankers that would suck up a gazillion barrels of oil by now?  If this is true than we have another bumbling Bush on our hands.

I think it will work out in the end because then we will have to put to work the minds, talents and ideas of those out there who know how to clean this shit up when the well is finally shut down. The hell hole will not prevail…we hope.

Why, oh why Obama? That little thanks but no thanks from the WH may cost Obama a second term.

Carli and “Curlgate” she said what?

Curlgate as I have dubbed this may be the biggest non-story to come out of the last Tuesday primary races.

Carli made a comment bout Boxer yesterday hairstyle on a hot mike.

Elena Kagan as Supreme Fixer–Don’t put her on the COURT

The newly released Clinton WH memos may be a game changer for Kagan. She emerges as a fixer for Whitewater misdeeds. And if so, she is the biggest, I mean biggest synchophant in the history of American Jewry.

GOP senators are digging deeply into this woman’s past life as a fixer for Bill. That bolsters her as Obama bootlicker in chief.

One of The Isley Brothers Die of Diabetes

Just spotted this item. Marvin Isley age 56 has died of complications from diabetes.

Useless info: Palin implants, Abby found, Natalee burial found (maybe)

That’s the latest on white women in the world. Abby found safe, and Urine said he can help authories find the bones of Natalee Holloway.  A top search at this time along with pics at Huffpo and other places of a new Sarah Palin with bigger breasts.

Wow that’s a lot of useless info in one day. More later