Daily Archives: June 30, 2010

TMZ’s bad boys of Hollywood roll call

TMZand the bad boys of Hollywood and music biz. It seems everybody from Lil Wayne to Ferris Bueller is busted on one crime or another these days. From sex offense to down right murder in the case of the dead wife of Beresford-Redman.


Everybody Loves LeBron!

LeBron James becomes a free agent at midnight. And everybody wants him and the moolah he will bring to the local economy and to the franchise he joins. From Dallas to Chicago to Ohio they are trying to woo Lebron. Who will he choose.

Confirmed by Cronies, Elected by Elites

In this third, is that all, day of hearing we ain’t hearing much. They have given this woman a pass so far. Having a little laugh over a little word, suck I think it was, does not make a justice. I did notice a pattern in her name with a repitition of letters, an, na in the first and last names.

I don’t know what’s worse that Obama picked her or that this wimpy senate will confirm her. I guess they see in her themselves, out of touch, out on a limbo of public opinion. No more institutional supremes. We need time limits on this august body before August.

I know that won’t happen. In the meantime we have to watch the cronies of the congress elect one of their own.