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i m back home

I’m out of town this week

Update: Heloise is in San Marcos and Austin this week for a teacher conference.

But plans are afoot for her to get cozy with her artsy side. I plan to take a jewelry-making class when I get back home and then take a botanical class here next month. I want to learn to mix herbs and stuff.

“Salt” Saves the World

Jolie is a double agent’s double agent. How in the hell can a size 0 get the jump, knock down, drag out, kill up a whole bunch of men in under two hours? Just ask Jolie. She is salty as Evelyn Salt a Russian double agent, double agent.

This is non stop action folks. From first cut to the last Salt is full of size 0 swagger that only she could pull off. I think Jolie is at her best in this type of film.

I liked it a lot and I am not crazy about Jolie. But it’s good. Not as good as Inception but for the action and the thrills and stunts like you’ve never seen see it.

High-tech lynching for Shirley Sherrod

Oops it seems that Brietbart got busted for posting out of context remarks made by a black woman who happens to work for the feds. Vilsack has apologized and offered her another job.  Donna Brazile called everyone out on it when she looked at the entire video. Vilsack or Obama call her on her cell and demand she pull over and tender her resignation! First of all this was way too hasty and secondly they did not even bother to get the whole story straight.  They are running scared of the Right? Right.

Shame on Obama and Breitbart. You both owe this woman an apology.

Movie Review: “Valentine’s Day”

I can sum this flick up easily in two words “It sucks!” But you can use it to fall asleep by. Bad movies IMHO make excellent sleeping pills.

My take is that they could not afford to pay Demsey to play a larger role in this film. What it should have been about is Patrick being unfaithful to his wife and build the story around him. He plays a surgeon in VD who is unfaithful.

This film should be called “VD” as in venereal disease–avoid at all costs LOL. So glad I did not see this stinker in the theatres.  Marshall directed this sucker and he should be shot for doing so.

Movie Review: Inception (get it while it’s hot)

Article first published as Movie Review: Inception on Blogcritics.

Inception is an intense, high-octane, high-powered sci-fi thriller from the mind and pen of Christopher Nolan, director of Dark Knight and other blockbusters.

Everything about Inception works and it works on every level and with every sequence. It’s an ambitious, dreamy film where illusion becomes reality. It’s all about the dreams and nail-biting adventure lurking within shared dreams. No doubt, in the hands of an amateur a dream film would be a nightmare, but with good research, great acting, good writing, and a solid storyline, Nolan has given the audience a clear alternative to 3-D, making his film the first important one of a new decade and the summer of 2010.

Inception opens and ends with a spinning talisman indicative of the dream state, with Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) explaining his mission in clear terms: “inception” is the planting of an idea into another person’s unsuspecting mind so effectively that they must believe the idea their own. Shared dreaming is the vehicle of choice and the thrill goes to the bone. Inception runs 148 minutes but I can sum it up nicely in six words: “birds on a tether dream together.”

Inception is an education within an education. It is a teaching, talking tool that does not preach or overreach. On the other hand, it is boring. Boring like a crochet needle poking a tiny wormhole into the psyche that pulls and traps the watcher into its labyrinth. Inception uses physics inherent in the meditative and dream states. The characters discuss and teach each other and the audience simultaneously, seamlessly the inner workings of dreams. On the physical level no one can escape a law discovered and discussed by Buddhists and meditation practitioners for centuries — a previously little understood phenomenon Einstein dubbed “time dilation.” The film explains the concept and to its credit maintains that aspect during all the dream sequences.

Time dilation and “the kick” are both key events in the second half of the film. They must be understood by the audience for full effect. This requires good writing. We must buy the explanations on faith. The trailer for Inception describes an event that is integral to dreams — the “kick.” In my journals, I use a simpler term, the “wake-up dream,” dreams designed by the brain to wake the dreamer up, warn of danger, or prevent him from moving into a dream too deeply. Time dilation and kicks are used by director Nolan to decided effect. With dialogue he avoids undue confusion and thereby overcomes two common pitfalls of many films: lack of background information and story development.

Inception is about the science fiction and the detailed story. However, the cast ensemble is exceptional. Ellen Page and Marian Cotillard are the only women in the film and their interaction occurs only through Cobb. DiCaprio is Cobb, a product of a self-imposed exile, a man without a country he needs to get back home. He is a mentalist who practices what I call “dream control.” He is master of the dream.

Inception takes the audience into the real world of dreams where dreams within dreams are carefully built in the first half of the film, sequences which scaffold the second half of the film. In the movie Cobb is married to Mal, the star and Oscar winner from La Vie en Rose, Marian Cotillard. Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is the son of a billionaire who becomes the target of Cobb’s gambit to return home. His partner in crime co-star Ellen Page (Ariadne). She delivers a solid, stellar performance and holds her own next to megastar DiCaprio. DiCaprio has grown as an actor and rocks the thriller genre. Bravo, well done. I was ready to watch it again.


short spoiler alert below





Cobb’s wife Mal is actually dead.  Mal left a letter accusing him of murder so he fled and wants to get back home. He wants to see his two kids again. He takes Ellen to where she lives. He messed up her mind and she jumped out of a window.  I’ve studied dreams for 30 years and this is how they work according to therapists and physicists. Loved it. Good film, really good.

I Knew It would not be Frank of Chicago

I already nixed Frank of Chicago. I think Chris of Mass would be her best bet. The former baseball player Roberto is not bad either. I just have my doubts about Latino men.  But Frank is about to be frank and drop a bomb on Ally with Nicole whom he still loves.

Clintons now tagged as “Royalty”? I don’t think so…

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later: The Clintons are now American royalty and Chelsea, she’s still ugly, is about to marry a Jew with a criminal daddy somewhere in New York state. Who knows, who cares?

Apparently the “Same Stream Media” care. Now, the Clintons are freakin royalty? Chelsea a princess about to marry a Jewish frog? The STM will say anything for a story, even an untrue one.

She’s the daughter of a former president and he’s the son of Jewish criminals who happen also to have former political ties and held political office. Royalty begets royalty and that’s comes with lineage. PWT is not royalty in my book.

John Edwards: The Movie coming thanks to Sorkin

Heloise reviewed the book “The Politician” and it was a good read. Let’s see what Sorkin does with it.

Oil Leak in Gulf finally contained (breaking news)

The Leak is Gone