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Rally And Anti-Rally Party(cules) Collide in DC Reactor Today

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There was a peaceful rally in DC today, actually two. The collisions few and far in between,  as in physics, were on the fringes of the Beck back-to-God rally and anti-rally held by Al Sharpton.

Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin were the headliners at the God and guns rally. Beck was mocked wildly by John Stewart as “I have a scheme” on his show last week. Who cares? The right cares and they came out in droves to attend the rally. It turned out more potatoes than meat with everybody in lawn chairs leaving their political posters home in favor of their pro-God stance and ” take back America” message.

Yes, I want to take America back from Mexico by fixing the fourteenth amendment. Good bumper sticker “Fix the Fourteenth!” Yeah that’s the ticket and check into the legal status of any family whose child is guilty of a felon. By child I mean anyone under 21, the whole family should go if they have a felon and they are illegal aliens. It’s only fair especially when committing vehicular manslaughter.

Paris bombshell–Cops Nail Coke Possess in Vegas

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Paris Hilton was driving in a smoky car, marijuana smoke that is, coming out of the windows. They were stopped on suspicion of something and ended up being arrested on cocaine, Hilton that is.

Paris is in the news again for all the wrong reasons. Paris arrested in Las Vegas on Friday is all we know for now.

Melhman–He looks gay

Congressman Melhman who helped Bush become Bushier, is not only gay, we can tell, but he was also really anti-gay in his policies. He’s out and he can go right back into the closet with his demands.

We don’t wanna hear him nor his apology. Melhman revealed “I’m gay” to the world because he said that the Republican party is about don’t ask don’t tell that you’re gay okay.

It’s Tea Time–Really

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Is the Tea Party really the new third party or third rail that I have been talking about for years? I tried to look into the horizon for something new. While nothing new under the sun we might have a viable third party finally. 

When faced with events of history, personal karma, national karma a president cannot always be who or what he really wants to be in terms of governing from right, left or center. As Jack I wanted to be a true fiscal conservative, and a social conservative, don’t let Jack’s bad persona fool you, that was part of his gifted and steroidal nature LOL. 

But given the racial divide and how blacks were treated (my future family life’s destiny) Jack had to do something. He did not do all that he wanted to do, but the real John F. Kennedy slowly prevailed: poor, downtrodden, blacks, and women’s right to work and earn a decent wage were really a part of his personal agenda but not always a part of his political agenda. 

It’s okay that LBJ took credit and pushed the rock over the hill, the end was the means in this case. 

We need a third-party in this country. Even if it has to ride the rails or piggyback off the Republican party or become an offshoot. You know what happens to offshoots? They take the hits but keep on trucking. More power to Palin and the staunch fiscal conservatives. I believe in the free market and the gold standard. I have also described the last few years as the “new depression” in my article “JFK: Reckless youth” or how to watch the depression which has gotten quite a few hits. 

Now, who am I rooting for? My take: kick the insiders out. I wrote “throw the bums out” in a comment, brought it back really (I still have that 60s lingo in my head). And that’s the cry we have been hearing from the people who have lost their country. I mean we are aliens in our own place while the illegals have taken over! 

I was not for Greene in Florida because he is just a rich man trying to buy a seat…sounds familiar oops. Meeks will have a tough slog against Rubio. Not sure whom I want to win there. McCain comes back with a bang…too bad. Palin owed him one. 

But overall the Tea Party is gaining momentum especially in Alaska where Miller (hope he’s a true conservative) is poised to beat Murkowski. We’ll see. 

More later 


“Jersey Shore” Comes up short

Just watched the first episode ever of the pop culture hit “Jersey Shore” and it’s short on substance and style. Wow, but immediately I saw the appeal of this reality noir. I see the draw of the crowd and the baying of the wolves at the door.

Oh boy, and the names of the cast like Jwoww and Snoki gotta love em too. I really see the appeal of this reality show but it ain’t for me even though I am part Italian. But not that part LOL!

Obama Just a Muslim from Chicago

Any black man worth his salt in Chicago has to come into contact with the black Muslims in Chicago. I know. The reason that I don’t think Michelle might have done so is because she grew up sheltered on the wrong side of the tracks, i.e., the west side of Chicago. That’s why I don’t know her. But Obama found his way to Heloise’s stomping grounds near the lake and Hyde Park.

Yes, my best friends are black Muslims, and my former religion of over 20 years was Sant Mat which is an offshoot of estoeric Islam or Sufism. We used the Adi Granth as one of our sacred scriptures. But hell, the real Muslims don’t like offshoots, they shoot offshoots!

Is it so bad that Obama is a Muslim? I don’t think so. Own up to it Obama.

Heloise and Cousin (from the Valerie Jarrett article)

Cover of "Queen Margot (La Reine Margot)&...

Cover of Queen Margot (La Reine Margot)

This photo is an oldie but goodie.  Heloise wearing Egyptian and Russian royal colors of red and white and cousin wearing green clogs and olive shirt. We loved our clogs. You can see both of us wearing them.  I know her well. We spent a lot of time together growing up. Her past life apotheosis was the beautiful Queen Margot. We are so French. We were sisters. I was married to the king of Spain. I was Elizabeth DeValois and she was Margot De Valois. This is what French royalty looked like. But here we are just black folks.  Read all about it in “Dinner with daVinci” where I go into detail.

There was even a poem prophecy by a noted black poet in which he proclaims that the royalty of Europe would be reborn with the kiss of Africa on their faces and the hot blood of blackness. Can’t find the poem or the poet now. I found it while doing my grad thesis.  Gotta love America.

Heloise to Rush: Answer = “Obama’s Occult Faith” or “What’s the opposite of obvious?”

Let me preface this wonderful answer from Heloise by saying that blacks who grew up in Chicago at one time or another will face the choice to convert to Islam. The black Muslims are strong in Chicago. And while Rush was talking about Rev. Wright, I thought to myself “hell, he’s probably a black Muslim too.” Then Rush said it and I was floored!  Rev. Wright is a staunch black nationalist…gotta love it. Who knew?

I mean who knew that the black panthers would one day run the White House? LOL, I mean really ROTFLMAO.

Here’s my message today: I was listening to Rush while working. And a Mexican construction worker (hopefully not illegal) hired by someone else, heard the radio and asked if I was listening to Rush. I said yes, and since I am from Chicago, I’ve been listening to Rush on radio from Chicago days, mid 1990s, and watched him on TV. So, if Rush reads this or someone else, tell him Heloise is a fan, really.

He is so entertaining too. I wanted to call in and tell him two things: remember when Bush’s lovely SCOTUS pick Harriet Myers said that she was a “Catholic?” Yup, sure you do. Well I called her on it and the Catholic Church itself–get this, called her out and said that she is officially not a Catholic.

She’s Jewish in my book and the Church said going to church did not make Myers a Catholic! I know because as Jack I was a Catholic and in this life born and raised in the Catholic faith and even confirmed.

That’s evidence right there that it happens: going to Church does not a Christian make.

Yes, Islam is the natural religion of the black man. I almost became a black Muslim. Dated a staunch Muslim and a best friend did convert and I was going to convert with her.  Am I still a Catholic? Yes, but not a practicing one. I ended up in a Sikh faith that is rooted in esoteric Islam.

If the Muslim say that your daddy makes you a Muslim then you are. And his dad could marry anyone he wanted. It’s the women who CANNOT marry a non Muslim. Why? Because a man will subject his wife to his faith but not the other way around. So, Obama Sr. could marry all the white women he wanted, he’s still a Muslim.

His mother was an anthropologist/atheist. They often go together. I know I have a grad degree in the discipline.

Rush, here’s the word you were looking for: “occult” because you kept saying that Obama’s faith was the opposite of obvious. The opposite, one of them, would be occult, which means hidden.


Movie Review: The Lovely (Piece Of Crap) Bones

The Lovely Bones is a very long piece of shit. It is 2 hours and 15 minutes and I fast forwarded most of it. And it was still tooo long. How can people get shit like this made into a film. Yeah the pervert bad guy was good but is it worth watching his performance to sit through this crappy flick? Hell no. It ain’t worth the time. Zero stars for this crap.

They tried to get cute and do all kinds of special stuff. It was a piece of crap period. I am so glad I did not waste a penny or time going to the movies to see this.

Sharp Shooter dead (white male), Black mom killed tots, Blagojevich (Polish Politico Criminal) mistrial–updated

What do these 3 stories have in common? Nothing that I can tell. Hmm take that back. I thought the mom was black when I caught the last name. But did not catch the first name “Shaquan” dead giveaway. LOL

She made two of her three kids dead and she won’t be laughing. She looks like she could have played Precious. It’s real life. Girl gets pregnant, again and again, girl does not get guy, girl gets hurt and girl drops out of school and gets only welfare, state cuts off welfare and girl loses hope. Add instant crime and you’ve got the new normal in teen life. So sad.

No one knows the name of the probable white male (It was Patrick Sharp) who opened fire in McKinney and set his truck on fire, he’s dead but no name, race or anything released about him yet. Finally, since he’s white (that’s the default race) it takes them a while to release. In case you did not know if they don’t say the race or show a pic then the default is white. FYI, write that one down, you’ll see how true it is.

The hopeless black mom in South Carolina strangled her two male kids and told someone it was because she was unemployed, hopeless and then staged the crime to look like an accidental drowning.

Finally, Blago down for one count of guilt today. He was found guilty of lying to the FBI. That’s it. No Obama, nobody else called to witness stand. Criminal class of politicians have a separate set of rules to do their crimes. Blago is honorary member of the new criminal class in America.