Workplace violence: Black man kills 8 Whites and himself–updated

Updated: Omar called 911! And told them that he had been racially harassed at work and was taking matters into his own hands. He was gonna kill the folks who hated on him. Wow.

Workplace shooting is becoming more common. Six people per year are killed at work in America.

Omar Thornton complained of racial harrassment. He is a dark-skinned black man who was asked to tender his resignation. Why? He posted a video of himself stealing beer. I guess it was beer from the company he worked for. He worked for a beer company and was probably a driver. His ex girlfriend, she looks Jewish to me, said that he had some hate stuff on his phone like a photo of a noose with the words “die nigger” underneath. He was revenging the hate he was getting from white folks. I hear you brother. He was probably catching hell from the white folks there, but he did not TELL anybody. That’s what it looks like. If that is the case then he did not have a case. You could have sued them instead of killing them Omar. Another man thinking with his dick instead of his head, just like Amy Bishop (she’s really a man).

He lived and worked in Conn. which is a pretty white state to begin with. And his ex girlfriend’s mother who is white said that Omar complained of racial problems at work and he was sick of it.

He killed himself but only after killing 9 other people at his workplace. The last big killing was the 13 killed by the crazy army psychiatrist.


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