Kenneth Ira Starr (Jew) Dream Killer — bilks Caroline Kennedy and A-listers in giant Ponzi Scheme

The Best Victims article from Vanity Fair, not written by a Jew for a change. But lots of Jews victims of Kenneth Starr. It’s a good read. Starr’s 4th wife is an ex pole dancer.  Another link


Photo at above link.


All-Starr Cast
In sheer numbers, Starr’s alleged Ponzi scheme pales beside Madoff’s $65 billion, and in person, wearing a black silk shirt or zip-up designer sweats, Starr must have seemed a little cheesy compared with Madoff, who favored Savile Row suits and crisp white shirts. But in one regard, Starr had Madoff beat: his clients were far more dazzling.

A handful of the names have trickled out since Starr’s arrest: director Mike Nichols and his news-anchor wife, Diane Sawyer; The View’s Barbara Walters; writer-director Nora Ephron and her husband, author and scriptwriter Nick Pileggi. But these are just a few in a daisy chain that winds from New York media to Hollywood and back, in which one boldfaced name recommended him to another.

Photographer Annie Leibovitz came in partly because photographer Richard Avedon had been a client. Columnist Liz Smith came aboard in part because Time Warner heiress Courtney Sale Ross was a client. Nichols and Sawyer were part of that circle, as were U.S. State Department heavy Richard Holbrooke and his wife, writer Kati Marton; author Ken Auletta and his wife, literary agent Binky Urban; journalist David Halberstam; and veteran publisher Joe Armstrong. All were or had been Starr clients. Who was the lure for bringing in news anchors Tom Brokaw and Matt Lauer, and the late Walter Cronkite? Or sportscaster Frank Gifford and his wife, television hostess Kathie Lee? Or NBC chief Jeff Zucker and his wife, Karen? Who could say for sure, but what TV heavyweight wouldn’t want to join a club that had luminaries like those as members?


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