Daily Archives: August 20, 2010

Heloise to Rush: Answer = “Obama’s Occult Faith” or “What’s the opposite of obvious?”

Let me preface this wonderful answer from Heloise by saying that blacks who grew up in Chicago at one time or another will face the choice to convert to Islam. The black Muslims are strong in Chicago. And while Rush was talking about Rev. Wright, I thought to myself “hell, he’s probably a black Muslim too.” Then Rush said it and I was floored!  Rev. Wright is a staunch black nationalist…gotta love it. Who knew?

I mean who knew that the black panthers would one day run the White House? LOL, I mean really ROTFLMAO.

Here’s my message today: I was listening to Rush while working. And a Mexican construction worker (hopefully not illegal) hired by someone else, heard the radio and asked if I was listening to Rush. I said yes, and since I am from Chicago, I’ve been listening to Rush on radio from Chicago days, mid 1990s, and watched him on TV. So, if Rush reads this or someone else, tell him Heloise is a fan, really.

He is so entertaining too. I wanted to call in and tell him two things: remember when Bush’s lovely SCOTUS pick Harriet Myers said that she was a “Catholic?” Yup, sure you do. Well I called her on it and the Catholic Church itself–get this, called her out and said that she is officially not a Catholic.

She’s Jewish in my book and the Church said going to church did not make Myers a Catholic! I know because as Jack I was a Catholic and in this life born and raised in the Catholic faith and even confirmed.

That’s evidence right there that it happens: going to Church does not a Christian make.

Yes, Islam is the natural religion of the black man. I almost became a black Muslim. Dated a staunch Muslim and a best friend did convert and I was going to convert with her.  Am I still a Catholic? Yes, but not a practicing one. I ended up in a Sikh faith that is rooted in esoteric Islam.

If the Muslim say that your daddy makes you a Muslim then you are. And his dad could marry anyone he wanted. It’s the women who CANNOT marry a non Muslim. Why? Because a man will subject his wife to his faith but not the other way around. So, Obama Sr. could marry all the white women he wanted, he’s still a Muslim.

His mother was an anthropologist/atheist. They often go together. I know I have a grad degree in the discipline.

Rush, here’s the word you were looking for: “occult” because you kept saying that Obama’s faith was the opposite of obvious. The opposite, one of them, would be occult, which means hidden.