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Michael Douglas’ terminal throat cancer–updated

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

Cover of "Wall Street (20th Anniversary E...

Cover of Wall Street (20th Anniversary Edition)

The lastest reports are that Douglas took his family to Disney World in Tampa, Florida on Thanksgiving week. My cousin was there too, but they did not see that family. He is doing better from what I’ve read.

But Michael Douglas may have made his last movie. And one of his last interviews. His hair looked good, I’ll give him that. But  I told U so. He is trying to save face now. He’s a goner by Feb 2011  my guess.  He is hopeful that this throat cancer is not terminal but for many it is/was. My uncle who was a lifetime smoker and how can I forget a heavy drinker! He had the surgery and lost his voice box and needed a device to talk.  The cancer killed him. However, he did live on for a while post surgery, but it killed him in his sixties.

If you note the date of this post you will see it was written before Douglas did his interview to say that he was a goner, but had an 80% chance of survival because of this type of cancer. And as always my mantra about docs “if you don’t know what’s wrong with you they sure as hell won’t.” Poor Doug complained of a bad sore throat for months but the docs no find the lump until it was big as a walnut! How’s that for rich doctoring?

You know they are not going to give his prognosis. Hell, I worked for doctors they don’t even give a prognosis to the damn patient so they sure as hell ain’t gonna tell you. But I’m telling you it’s much worse than portrayed.

His dad died recently, Yes, they are Polish Jews. He married that funny looking wife Catherine Zeta-Jones and they bought a part of Bermuda and plan to raise kids there. Good riddance, retreat to your fucking island. Plus he has his probably last movie releasing in September as a sequel to Wall Street, something about Money never sleeps. I don’t like this guy, not because he’s Jewish but because he panders to principals proferred by evil Hollywood. And I can’t recall NOT ONE Black person ever being in his films! That really galls me.

Lib speak: Do as a I say, not as I do. Don’t go buying yourself an island or taking a year off from work to travel because people like Liz Gilbert was given a lucrative book contract to do (which she conviently does not reveal in the book or movie)  Eat Pray Love. Yup do as I say not as I do is libspeak.


Chuck Godd Is Everywhere!

It ain’t enough that MSNBC stole my “rundown” from racial rundown to create “The Daily Rundown” but its host Chuck “Godd” as I’ve dubbed is everywhere on every channel spouting his political wisdom for us mere mortals to imbibe.

Luv ya Chuck but damn you ain’t that smart Mr. Todd. If you get the big head and start to float above the newsdesk won’t nobody be able to catch you. Or if you join Obama on the Gulf and start to walk on water then we will freakin know: it’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s Godd! LOL

Phillip Markoff kills self in Jail–Suicide by Craigslist

Based on recent interviews of the slimy founder of Craigslist we all know that this nice Jewish guy is a veritable traffiker in white slavery, black slavery and sex trade because on his site the two are tied in. It is also the hunting ground for alleged stalkers and killers like Markoff (Jewish).

He was found dead in his jail cell so I am calling it suicide by Criagslist now. Phillip Markoff alleged killer found in cell dead. They really watch em in jail these days. Have you noticed? Story link from Huffpo, who else?

Movie Review: Eat Pray Love

Eat Pray Love

First published at on August 14, 2010 (editor’s pick)

Location, location, location is everything in real estate decisions but also includes huge, highly anticipated summer films that straddle the cusp of fall. You gotta have a gimmick and a sumptuous Bali location certainly qualifies. You can almost smell sequel to Eat Pray Love in the mounds of spaghetti sauce served on the silver screen. I found the calendar location of Eat Pray Love also interesting in that it’s not a spring fling AKA Oscar-hopeful killer; not an early but ugly summer offering, instead a stylish butter-laden film floating like ghee into theaters as a summer smorgasbord of shameless play-on-heartstrings. What did you expect?

Elizabeth Gilbert whose book is the basis for the screenplay did not see Julia Roberts coming to fill the sandals of Liz, and ride the bike in Bali. But there she is along with Viola Davis (Delia Shiraz), Richard Jenkins (Richard from Texas—I think he portrays himself), Billy Crudup (Steven Gilbert), James Franco (David Picollo), Javier Bardem (Felipe the Brazilian), and Balinese medicine man Ketut toothless yet brilliant.  

This drama opens with writer Liz Gilbert in Bali where she bids adieu to her spiritual mentor Ketut. I can’t call him her guru because he purposely leaves her in the dark and gifts her with a cryptic graphic that she keeps. She returns to New York City, her husband Steven, and her best friend  Delia (the talented Viola Davis). Delia listens while Gilbert talks out loud about the need “to marvel at something.” Gilbert lacks credibility, and who wouldn’t. How can you sell annual “marvel” which can happen only while learning Italian in Italy, visiting an ashram in India and rounding it off with a repeat trip to Bali? Delia is not buying it but listens anyway.

How does one prepare for such armchair adventure on a really hot Texas afternoon? Women filled every seat in the first matinee which bodes well for the feminine fixation with Eat Pray Love. I wore my Bali best and took notes. My take: Eat Italy, Pray India and Love Bali make up the bones of this film. And a pleasing score including Mozart in the mix supplement the missing link—connection of Liz with the men of this film and the audience.

New York, Rome, Naples, India and Bali (first film shot there) locales are not the only good things about Eat Pray Love they are actually the best things about it. However, a solid cast buoys an out-of-her element Julia Roberts. Honestly, she needs a lot of help in the connect-to-the-audience department. I expected that but it was not a given if you’ve marveled over her Anna of Notting Hill.  As expected, she smiles too often and must stifle the big laugh—it happens anyway.

Gilbert’s goal in Italy is to speak beautiful Italian while walking the road to ruins. She grapples with the meaning of life in a word. In India its all about seva (service to others) and sin–pride. I know that ashramic life in India where Gilbert works out her spiritual fantasy, it’s full of people who are strangers for mere seconds before the karmic sparks fly.

The final word in this trilogy of “truth”: love. Gilbert is off to beautiful Bali but absolutely not to find love. She seeks “balance” not “balls” but in real life Felipe, fame and fortune find her. And the skeptic may wonder is that what she was really after?

I have to admit when I first heard that Javier was to play Felipe I couldn’t see it. But he is full of warm believable embraces. And Javier knows how to connect with the audience even in a small role that closes out the film. In fact he steals the show. Liz melts in their embrace with the scent of sequel overpowering the end. That’s shameless enough because we know that Elizabeth Gilbert has penned and sold the sequel as the now-married skeptic! We know that she and Felipe did cross over to the land of matrimony. That may be a good thing because actually I wanted more Bali, more Bardem and more naked butts. I can recommend this film with a straight face I liked it as much as the book. But you’ve been warned it’s a solid chick flick and women will eat it up.

Finally, kudos to director Ryan Murphy (Glee), he co-wrote screenplay with Jennifer Scott. They remained true to the spirit of the memoir. It helps when the source material is rich and the heroine richer. The screenplay sprinkles Gilbert’s story with sex, ties, and heaps of gourmet food served with genuine emotion.

Laura Schlessinger–“Nigger” oops just kidding

I know that the N word is over the top to use an an example but it’s a metaphor for what white’s often do…say something racial-like and then blurt out “just playing” “that was a joke.” Who is the joke on Dr.Laura. Update: Dr. Laura has hung up her shingle.

If the racial events of the last two weeks were a realty show, in reality actual events, racial events to be exact, then we would  have to  hunt high and low for some creepy characters to fill the bill. There will be no roses tonight for the events of the last week.

The FBI and cops were looking for a serial stabber of black men in Flint, Michigan mostly. The killer would ask for directions of black men out alone at night. Then stab away. He killed five. He was apprehended about to catch a flight back home to Israel. Since Arabs and Jews are cousins this guy easiy looks Jewish. but he is an Israeli national Arab ethnicity. We know that Arabs and blacks have a spotty history. The Same Stream Media seems to muddy the waters by repeating that this guy was an Israeli national but did not say that he was an Arab. I knew he was because he was working in some little shop owned by an Arab. 

Just today a Jewish, highly rated at that, talk show host “Dr. Laura” whose real name is Laura Schlessinger put her talking head in her mouth.

She’s Jewish and took it upon herself to enlighten the black woman caller something that all blacks know: black men, mostly, use the N-word ad nauseum and use it to convey affection.

On the other hand  poor black woman caller married to a white man, did not see the Laura racial rant coming.  The caller was about to make my above-mentioned point but no, Laura was too damn  busy filling her mouth with the word “nigger.”

In my mind it is profanity and an racial epithet. Black men use it how they wish. Heloise is not about to change all the black men in this country into never uttering “nigger.” Who the hell is she?

Miss Laura unless you have Alzheimer’s check the mirror you ain’t no black man.  Too many examples to note but these two this week are noteworthy.

Finally, in my tweet I asked: Do whites secretly like saying “nigger?” It’s something to think about especially when we thought the word dead since a biracial man took the white house.

PS: Black couple denied white house–last event. In Chicago a wealthy black couple could not buy a home in Brideport worth nearly 2 million dollars. They had the cash but the offer was removed. They have a case, we don’t have the details.

Christians once again fall for a “gay, crossed Jew” LOL

Heloise just came up with that one. It takes the cake because not only is a pun but it’s soooo true.  The folks out there mostly Christians, I bet, have sainted a gay, crossed Jew.  His over the top lie I never bought.  Attendant goes beserk on Jet Blue end of story.  You are too funny.

Felipe Esparza: Last Comic Standing winner touts drugs use, illegals

I kinda figured this funny guy Felipe would win LCS as he progressed through the ranks. He touts his family’s illegal immigration status and what it’s like being on the fringes of American society. He was funny.

But I don’t think the other comics left were laughing. While one can’t find anything about this guy online he was likely either an anchor baby or brought to this  country by his parents when he was a kid. How did they get here is anybody’s guess.

Felipe killed during his routines mostly because of his habitus and affect. Actually more like the stereotype he played to: the dumb Mexican, the one who does and sells drugs rather than  works.  The only thing he needed was a leaf blower in his hands. He will probably trot out with the leaf blower if he gets his own show about what else–being Mexican in a melting pot that puts Spanish lingo before English prompts on phones and in stores. How’s that for progress in America?

While it is true that Europeans often are bilingual or even trilingual they do jealously guard their native tongue. And as observed first hand in France you do not progress unless you can pass some grueling civil service exam in very advanced French. They know how to keep a homie down LOL!

Maxine “Under” Waters goes to well 1 time too many

Waters ABC news source

Black women are not immune to ethical violations you know. And this is a good case in point. Maxine is under water and she and her husband will soon be charged with profitting from bailout money. The shares they held at United Bank dropped more than 200K in value. But would have been worthless had the bailout not happened to them and for them.

Maxine had something to do with that help and she and her hubby profitted. That’s unethical because she is a sitting member of the black caucus. She is also a lifer! I mean she has been in office way too long. These are the job-for-life politicos that need to be voooooted and boooted out. Throw this bum and her hubby out.

But black people keep voting her in. They are as bad as the Bell dems who screwed the whole town! California has become one big pot of “gimme” for the Dems and their cronies.

Waters has gone to the well one time too many.

Ted “Bridge to nowhere” Stevens is dead

Ted is dead!

Just think if Ted had been given prison stripes instead of wings he would be alive now. In prison/jail but alive and living off the taxpayer’s dimer. Instead he’s gonna be six-feet under in just a little while. Karma for lifers is a bitch.

This king and leading senator spendo-crat will cost the people of AK less in death than in life we hope. No more freebies for this fat cat. Long live king of spendo-crats…not.

Gay/Jewish Flight Attendant goes Beserk (Steven Slater)–updated

If you read the latest on this Jewish punk one thing is getting clearer: he’s gay and he’s a liar! His ex speaks out that he is a nice guy. He”s a gay guy 4 sure. U folks out there who jumped the chute should be ashamed.

Some guy led him by the hand when he fled the flight. No one interviewed is holding up his side of the story.

A smiling, smirky, (lying?) Slater was led off in handcuffs and faces felony charges after his beserk tirade on a Jet Blue airline flight. He was pissed at a passenger whose luggage hit him in the head! He grabs mike and starts using all kinds of profanity on the guy in the plane.

Did he not know that cussing in public was a crime?  And that inflating the slide was expensive, and put the passengers in danger? I don’t know if he slugged the guy or not. I am not sure if profanity in public is a felony or if there was some other shit he did. Guess so.  Gay, Jewish men can be really bad tempered too. just like a woman.

Cops nabbed Slater at home while in bed with his boyfriend. That’s the latest no kidding.