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My first Online friend just died

I have a group that I started years ago and the first person really to befriend me online died August 13, 2010. He had been a member of my group from the beginning and for almost exactly five years was faithful to my group. He actually understood my rebirth studies, like the first and only person.

He must have written thousands of posts to, about and for Satsangis and for my group.

I wish we had been in touch this summer but I have just walked away from all the so called spiritual people I knew. Most were no different and in some respects worse because they thought they were better than regular people who ate meat. Yes, vegetarians do look down their noses on meat eaters. I know I was one of them.

So long MM, his initials.

Tony Curtis: Hollywood Film star dead at 85

A heart attack has taken Jewish heart trob Tony Curtis. I have to find his real name but it sounds Polish. He died of a heart attack and wanted to be remembered for as a good looking guy. He and Paul Newman broke the mold for leading men because they were Jewish yet rarely or never played Jews in films, except Paul Newman.

Good actor they don’t make them like him anymore.

Heloise to Joe: Ignorance of the law is no defense

Morning Joe and his coffee clutch is getting more stupid and he is the cheerleader of it. He is spouting how teens do stupid stuff. Stupid stuff like DUI is a crime, like cyber peeping and playing is a crime. No lawyer will even suggest that this was stupid because if they do they are treading the line of “ignorance, i.e., excuse = light or no sentence” that is not an equation that works. Now what might work, only sometimes is the defense that the person is a moron, official sense based on ability and IQ, a moron might get away with the crime but that’s rare.

Seven is the age of reason, and 18 is the legal age to be tried as an adult in court. I think that the right is a little over the top in talking up everything is a crime and we are becoming a nation of criminals. But the truth is that people do not know how to live in true civilization. The Jews are the master of the city game, but we are all not Jews are we?

I think it does the young people NO GOOD at all to hear adults talking “stupid, and they did not know what they were doing.” Debunk that myth right now.

US Open brawl: couple and young dude duke it out

To taunts of “Throw the bum out” in the background and an older woman and a young guy cursing and fighting about the seat? He keeps talking shit and finally she moves away and then her hubby jumps in and cold cocks the dude right in the face. The young gun knocked the old rifle to the ground and then the woman came back and they got in a little tussle. The security came out and took the guy away.

Here’s the link to the video:
video brawl

Faith Matters

Obama was converted to Christianity from the Muslim faith (?) or from atheism (?) or from nothingism (?) regardless to the reason I gotta say it “faith matters.” Just like race matters.

People group with their own kind, tribe and they also group with those whom they share religion. The bond is deepest when people share both the same race and the same faith. Obama is calling on Jesus like never before.

Interesting, wonder why he is touting his religion just now?

Greg Giraldo judge on Last Comic Standing dead of overdose

Suicide or accidental OD?
We heard he was hospitalized from overdose and he has since died of that accident. It was either an overdose or a suicide.

I feel like I know this guy because I did not miss an episode of “Last Comic Standing” and he was on every week judging and sharing. I know comic and hollywood lite is stressful but can you take your angst out any other way but Rx drugs? That’s an ugly way to go. Bad karma too…I should know.

A Chinese and an Indian Student Bullycam Deliver a real kiss of death

He was a shy guy,” the student said. “He seemed like a nice guy. From conversation with him, it seemed like he needed someone to open up to.”

Two other Rutgers students, Dharun Ravi and Molly Wei, both 18, have been charged with illegally taping another student having sex and posting the images on the Internet.

Clementi’s car was reportedly found nearby with his cell phone and computer inside, authorities told WPIX-TV.

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Two foreign students at Rudgers teamed up to bully and commit a triple crime (alleged). Taping a sex act without the consent of the person is a crime, distributing the tape is also a crime. Clementi (white) was the apparent target of his roommate who decided he wanted to watch his roomie do it with a dude. He tweeted his intention then set up a webcam.

Imagine your most private or an embarrrasing moment, or what could be is caught on cam and sent around the world? Something I did that was seen still haunts me it was so embarrasing to the point I hope the person had died of old age by now. So, this bullycam is a big crime.
If convicted they face up to 5 years in prison. Clementi’s death is believed to be a suicide. This is from cyber bullying. That is the real danger of too many agressive foreigners in our midst. They think nothing of doing something like this. Oh, it’s just something to do! WTF. I wish they could get the chair for this act.

Do we know the immigration status of these two students? We could send the whole families packing for this. This is the kind of stuff I am talking about. Commit a felony get deported the whole damn family too.

Movie Review: Nowhere Boy

First published at on September 27, 2010

You may not have heard about this film yet; on the other hand you will recognize its iconic subject: John Lennon. This film was shown as part of Star-Telegram Modern Cinema 2010. Its U.S. release date is October 8, 2010.

Nowhere Boy is about a boy named John Lennon (Aaron Johnson), with working class roots in Britain, whose lackluster performance in high school belies his destiny as the future golden boy of rock. Director Sam Taylor-Woods’ film about 15-year-old John Lennon is a well-acted, handsome homage to the pop icon.

The 98-minute film about John’s real life reminds you that that a) life’s not fair because b) no one gets 100% good karma to settle. John is no exception. His strange mix of good luck and bad conduct in the school of hard knocks is often of his own making. John is the class clown whose trips to the office and suspensions from school begin to feel normal. His aunt (Kristin Scott Thomas) raises him well. Her straight-laced upbringing is juxtaposed with John’s time spent with his biological mother (Anne-Marie Duff), who happens to live down the lane. Mother plays the good uncle role: born to fulfill every whim of a wayward John Lennon (his birth name). This leads to fireworks between the two sisters who both love John in their own way.

A battle royal ensues between the sisters and John plays referee all the while stoking the flames. This leads to a showdown between the women.  Running parallel to these personal struggles is the flowering of John’s small legacy in music and song. The gift comes from his mother, whom he discovers only a few months before her early death. His mother is the reckless one in the family and her serenade and rendition of a pop song reveals to John she’s got hidden musical talent and an ear for music. Nowhere Boy overtly suggests that this is the source of John’s musical genius.

He knows he now has an alternative to becoming a scholar. He can go the iconoclast rock star route a la Elvis Presley or Buddy Holly. In the film, he begins his life with a band using a real working class name: The Quarrymen.  While this is before the days of Ringo Starr’s debut with the group, it does give us a glimpse into John’s early relationship with band members Paul McCartney and George Harrison.

Baby-faced Paul can read and write music and so can George. This leads to jealously on John’s part. He resists incorporating them into his—emphasis on “his”—band. John is nobody’s fool and knows that this is the way to go—band members with musical training. These young guitars get gigs with their polished look and sound. With John’s newfound confidence Paul can play musical tutor to the soon-to-be famous founder of The Beatles, John Lennon. The beauty of Nowhere Boy is what we learn about the sad and ugly genesis of a teenager who fits in nowhere yet achieves global fame.

Limited release, running time:  98 minutes Rating:  PG-13 for drugs, sexual situations.

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Rahm Running…for Chicago Mayor, that is

OMG, I was wrong. Did not think that Israeli Jew would leave the WH and run for my birth city Chicago. Well, if he wins I will have reason to never visit Chicago again until his term is over.

Chicago will become a sanctuary city on the real tip. At least and finally he is out of the White House.

Sarah Palin in DWTS audience

Just spotted Sarah in the front row to watch Bristol dance. No boyfriend Johnson but mom is there. David Hasselhoff was voted off next week. And Bristol gets to dance again.

Michael Bolton just danced the jive it was horrible. He will probably be voted off next week.

Thus far the Situation is up. He did a better job this week. Before that Sarah was asked what she thought of the show. They put her on the spot. She used the referree metaphor and said you don’t wanna say anything bad about the ref before a game and they were amazing.

I think Bristol is like last in line she did quickstep. She’s wearing some long lavender gloves and a gown. She said she was gonna keep it modest and so far she has. DWTS women have wore some truly over the top outfits with only the main events covered up. Man I feel like I am imitating another blogger when I use my idioms that are now in everybody’s mouth. And will either dance the jive or the quick step.

Okay, let the dancing begin (that one is getting overused too. I said originally “let the stealing begin” damn didn’t think they would steal that too! LOL.)

Anyway Bristol took her dancing partner home to meet Sarah. She gave him a big hug and said she was so proud of Bristol. How cute.