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DVD Review: Wall Street

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Gordon Gekko is great and he spreads the wealth around to himself. Michael Douglas and the Sheens star in this Wall Street saga of greed, and more greed. Just as I wrote if you blink you will miss the only black person in the film: a black woman receptionist. I mean the limo driver and the bar tenders are all white. The irony is that this is about when Bernie Madoff began bilking the entire Jewish population of New York state out of billions.

Back in the late 80s don’t tell me black people were not on Wall street or even in the freaking streets of NYC? Oh, it’s a good movie all right. Daryl Hannah plays the whore who sleeps with Gekko and Sheen as Bud Fox the up and coming insider.

Fox falls up with his money and his insider trading who decorates a NYC pen with the help of interior decorator Hannah. Fox does not plan to sell his dad and the airline his dad worked for 25 years down the proverbial river, but with the greed of Gekko that is exactly what happens. Now Fox must make good and clean the chicken coop. Fox cleans the coop and sucks the soul out of the street of wolves AKA Wall Street.

Good flick just not a slice of Americana with real people.