Family of Dr. Petit murder trial–penalty phase

Here’s the latest on the trial.  Stephen Hayes (Jewish name from Khaye, or Kaye) who had 19 charges brought against and claimed not to be the mastermind of this triple murder of three women, has been found guilty. I think the punishment phase is next and that will lead to the death penalty more than likely. Hope he does NOT rot on death row but they execute him ASAP.  The other criminal goes on trial next.

Interesting I think both of the criminals were Jewish, certainly Hayes is Jewish and they targeted a Jewish family. Hayes said he was tired of being broke and that his life sucked.

Closing arguments coming on Friday because there is nothing more to say. Hayes may have confessed to the murders and he also pointed the finger at Dr. Petit maybe involved in a pay for hire murder for the insurance money. No fingers have been pointed at Dr. Petit. I just think it is another suspicious case when the wife dies and husband  spared makes me wonder.

He would have to be a cold bloody bastard to have his own family killed. But there seems to be no evidence of his involvement. The ONLY way he could be involved would be that he hired someone to do it. That would take only a single thread to unravel the story. If that’s true it was out of his control. I think they tied him up in the basement because they wanted to rape the wife and girls. How did he escape?

The dad  would have died if he had been in the house when it was set on fire. BTW where were the cops when the house was burning down?

Closing arguments are set for Friday in the triple murder case, and the jury is expected to get the case on Monday.

The state’s final witness, Correction Officer Jeremiah Krob, stunned the courtroom Tuesday, testifying that he overheard Hayes in a jail cell confess to killing Jennifer Hawke-Petit.

According to Krob, Hayes also speculated that Dr. William Petit may have been in on the home invasion for insurance money. Hayes reportedly told another inmate that he tied Petit up in the basement, and the only way he could have gotten loose would be if co-defendant Joshua Komisarjevsky loosened the ties.

The trial has been, well a trial for the jurors to listen to and see the photos. The two young daughters were raped as well as the mother. The dad could hear them moaning (the men or the girls?) from the basement. The photo that got the jury was the one with the youngest one naked from the waist, tied to the bed with her torso hanging off the bed after being raped before she was murdered. They did not say how they were killed.  I guess smoke from fire killed them because they were all tied to the beds. The photos must have been horrific really. Nancy Grace on AMC this am said that this was the first time she saw a jury breakdown to the point where the judge had to call for a recess until the next day!

I am squeamish and would have to talk my way out of this jury.

What about the role of the cops? We know that they were parked around the house in this hostage case. They actually could have saved them from murder if they had gone right in after the 9/11 call. But they followed protocol.  Nancy Grace was outraged about how the cops role kept coming up instead of the two men (who had a long rap sheet) were free to even kill anybody.

This is a new story for me. I heard the breaking news that the death penaty trial was beginning today.

Dr. Petit in this case is a victim. There is no evidence pointing to anything other than a home invasion. It is an eerie reminder of the old case with that doctor who was convicted of killing his family. Here we might have evidence in the difference entre the two. Dr. Petit’s wife and girls were raped. But in the Fatal Vision  (Jeff was his first name) case no one was raped. Interesting.

Anyway, it piqued my interest because it was another wife/family murder. What happened is a good question. It seems an innocent grocery store visit brought this family to the attention of two men: Steven Hayes and another man followed the wife of Dr. Petit home and raped (wife also jewish) , killed and burnt them alive. Dr. Petit (Jewish) somehow survived this horrible ordeal.

He was found beaten and bruised in the garage. Maybe they just put him there.

 Two men have been arrested and one of them has a death penalty trial today. The sister (Cindy Renn) said that the family had their “own holocaust.” Why would she use those words? And that they did not deserve this end. Well, maybe they were involved in the Jewish Holocaust in their past life, who knows.

The wife (Jennifer Hawke-Petit) was forced to go to the bank to withdraw 15K for her family. But to no avail all but Dr. Petit were killed. Either these types of murders get more press or is it my imagination that percentage-wise Jewish men end up with a greater percentage of wives or families murdered compared to the general population? We will never know and you know why. Do the math it seems so.


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