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Julian Assange Wikileak founder a wikifreak–who knew?

This guy is famous for leaking documents but there is an arrest warrant out from Sweden for sex crimes. He should change his site from leak to freak.

The big guys at interpol finally have this guy in thier sites. He will hang for his crimes probably.

Make your plastic look like new again

My dish drainer was looking dull and so was my faucet in the ktichen. I tried mineral oil on both since they are all oil based products anyway.  I cleaned it first and then rubbed son mineral oil on it and voila it looks new again.

DIY Wiki leaks search

You can search for the leaks through msnbc with lots of links and info or DIY directly at the link below for the cables. There were 250,000 of them.

WikiLeaks site is up
The WikiLeaks direct link for its cables site is finally working: Only a small portion of the cables have been posted, more than 200, with more expected. The documents posted so far have source names redacted, although anyone close to any of the governments could use these documents to quickly tell who is talking to (or working for) the U.S. embassy.

Will T mobile go iPhone?

Spent the weekend looking over my ATT bill and wanting to go the iPhone route after the blackberry lane tripped me up with the bad phone connects.

So, I called ATT and found out that I was paying for an upgrade to my internet speed that I did not want nor need. I had called before and wanted to know why my bill had gone up so much. That was back in June or July. Then I forgot and then looked at my bill. Okay, why am I paying 50 bucks for Internet?

I called ATT and they told me that the freebe expired back in May, and now I was paying the extra fee. They get you coming and going with the fees. So, I switched back to the basic speed and sense no diff.

The word is that T mobile might get the iPhone and I was hoping they do because I have two more years to go on my contract. I would have to just buy an iPhone outright that is unlocked and heard not good things about the unlocked phone.

Or wait two years or see if Tmobile gets the contract. The problem with the blackberry service was that the phone part of it sucked! It dropped calls and just did wierd things like flameouts that I got just sick of. I went down there an got a basic phone and an iPad, but no iPhone. The reg phone works just fine.

Oh, and I did not solve why my TV went Spanish on me but there is actually a Spanish package that costs ten dollars more. And every call you make to cust serv still asks you to choose span or eng which I still hate.

I will wait until the spring regardless and see what moves in the iPhone world.

Kim K getting it on with Gabriel Abry (Halle’s ex)

According to they are going out together, he is 34 and she is 30 and Jewish daughter of lawyer who saved OJ from the chair.

Mohamed Osman Mohamud: Just Another National We have to feed in prison

The FBI profile, maybe now the airlines will too. Stupid Somali teen who thought he was gonna make something go kaboom was given a fake bomb from the getgo.

The FBI had him in their sights and for all intents and purposes profiled him. He is a national born in Somali. They are racially mixed like the Ethiopians. Somalis from wikipedia and a timeline which shows that clearly European countries took turns occupying the land of the Somali. Is that why they look so much like the Ethiopians? I’ve seen enough Ethiopians that I can spot them in a dark room the look is so distinct.

1889 – Italy sets up a protectorate in central Somalia, later consolidated with territory in the south ceded by the sultan of Zanzibar.

Over a hundred years is plenty of time for these black Africans to produce a hybrid. They are cousin to the black Bantu but don’t look as black as they do. In fact they looked a little different and the white Europeans then preferred them, and the Arabs conferred Islam on them too.

ATT Uverse: Did U know it speaks Spanish?

I was using the channel guide to see what was on my preview and must have pushed the wrong button on the ATT remote. The next thing I know I get a message saying that the language has been changed to SPANISH! WTF.

I don’t even know how I did it to avoid in future and had to turn off the entire system to get it back to normal. Are regular customers paying paying for this service on the TV? Don’t tell me it’s free, ain’t nothing free. I want to know. Did you know?

Amazon’s Cyber Monday

Black Friday Deals Week

Kindle: Amazon's Original Wireless Reading Device (1st generation)
Get Your Kindle on! Sale that is.

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Finally, there's a Kindle app free from Apple for the iPad:
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American Caesars: From FDR to W

American Caesars: Lives of the Presidents from Franklin D. Roosevelt to George W. Bush by Nigel Hamilton


 Nigel Hamilton takes Suetonius’s set formula for mini-biographies in The Twelve Caesars – where they came from, what they did in power, who shared their beds – and uses it to work over every US president from FDR to George W Bush…Who emerges well? Roosevelt, of course, with Eisenhower, Truman and Reagan not far behind. And badly? Bush Jr, inevitably; the warped, sometimes demented Nixon; but John F Kennedy, hopelessly in thrall to a world of lust, isn’t pavilioned in praise either. And, because he is essentially telling a sequential story as well as sketching his portraits, Hamilton also charts the rise, and perhaps the fall, of the American empire in human terms…That’s the wonder of history. The past isn’t dead.

source: from review by Peter Preston

I watched Nigel on cspan book TV talking about his book. He has done bios on JFK before. He is a Brit and they know best. He portrays JFK in a good light and I am sure that’s him on the cover too.

Pink’s “Raise Your Glass” DWTS finale song and dance #8 mp3

Raise Your Glass (Explicit Version)

Just found this mp3 download. This is my first time hearing it and I like it cause it's fast and a good dance song. In case you missed it: it's the instant dance from DWTS finale that Jennifer won.