“The Jewish Question” By Christopher Hitchens

Hitch-22: A Memoir

God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything Christopher Hitchens

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It was a beautiful, clear night in Dallas and I stood out on the porch and sought the night locked in by the last lunar eclipse colliding with the winter solstice in 400+ years.  We astrologers love conjunctions. And this one is no exception.

The full moon beams through my bedroom window until about ten. But by early morning it is well over the house and I have to stand outside to view it.  I set my alarm for 3:00 am and went out with just my pajamas because the day had been in the 70s. I saw it.  

So, I started the morning by watching the lunar eclipse from my back porch which was like a tiny red ball in the sky. I looked for a few minutes and then returning to bed I could not sleep so I continued to read Hitch-22. Christopher Hitchens memoir and I kinda skipped around from front to back. Earlier in the day I watched “Rosewood” and if you want to get mad at the insanity of Jim Crow obsessed white men hollering and hating and killing “Niggers” then you don’t want to watch how the lies of one white woman liquidated an entire town.

But the next morning I was reading about how Jews got the racial stick to their backside in the next-to-last chapter of Hitch-22. I had just heard that he was Jewish and he learned only after his mother’s suicide, as a grown man. His great great grandfather Nathan left Kempen when Napoleon erased some of the laws that kept the Jews in check and in place. In the late 1800s Nathan left never to return to Poland. The rest of the family that stayed behind were all marched off to Auschwitz for “special treatment.”

Except for Nathan Blumentahl and his descendents thus all the Jews of Poland were caught up in Hitler’s final solution. Christopher returns to the town where it all started. Hitchens also sought out National Geographic tracing service his mitrochondrial DNA through his mother and found:

The arrow moving northward from the African savannah, skirting the Mediterranean by way of the Levant (The countries bordering on the eastern Mediterranean Sea from Turkey to Egypt.), and passing through Eastern and Central Europe before crossing to the British Isles (His mother was born in Britain). pg 363


He who does not know God is doomed to repeat it.  Chris’ Jewish roots were observant.  Christopher wrote a book with the title God is not Great wherein he traces how Judaism being the mother of Christianity and Islam was the real evil since it gave rise to two, nay three warring religions.  Chris however now believed in Hitler’s fury as furher. He had no choice but to believe in a man who erased the Jews from Poland– not in God.  On the other hand Adolf Hitler played God for over a decade. That’s kinda sad because the God he did not believe in saved his great-great grandfather from the ovens. His mother killed herself and just after that he was told by his younger brother that his mother was a Jew! That makes him one of the tribe too. Then his father  He mentions a few prominent Jews also in the chapter: Olivia Newton John and Lauren Bacall

 (Bacall was the only child of Natalie Weinstein-Bacal, a secretary who later legally changed her surname to Bacall, and William Perske. Her parents were Jewish immigrants, their families having come from Poland, Romania and Germany. She is first cousin to Shimon Peres, current President and former Prime Minister of Israel. Her parents divorced when she was five, and she took her mother’s last name, Bacall. Bacall no longer saw her father and formed a close bond with her mother, whom she took with her to California when she became a movie star. from Wikipedia)

They were Jews among Jews.  Wow, he was shocked. His mother lived among Jews in England and then decided to join the service and pass as a goya but not convert. So, here and there he said between the conversions and the intermarriage with the British he Hitchens a Jew in mind and body but not in identity. He like so many of the Nazis’ victims identified with a nationality not a race.

He does not believe in religion, just as I do not. My logic is simple have you ever met anyone with five PhDs? No, of course you have not. They might have five degrees or two degrees like myself or one doctoral but that’s it — done with university. Same with religion for me. I mean I love the historicity of it all and love reading and learning from Jewish scholars but religion is not for me. I’ve tried it all and had the equivalent of five doctorals because I joined and lived at least five different religions/sects within my life. Now, I am in my flashback of my Jewish past lives and study Judaism and Jews from an historical perspective.

I can believe in God and the universe but the men who stand in the pulpit just don’t do it for me. I love the Bible and the words and the teachings from it but I don’t need a person reading it to me after all. I am not sure what Hitchens believes but in his next to last chapter he raises The Jewish Question because it has  a solution. A solution sought and used often–genocide.

What say you now Hitchens? Like many Jews after the Holocaust they were dumbfounded, as he admits in this chapter, they had no answer for where God was when Hitler and his brown shirts dragged off entire families to the camps. They were not alone many other religions and groups were killed, gassed, rounded up.  We now know that IBM helped Hitler to closely measure those he killed. And the Jewish number that was punched was “8”, that’s my number or one of them.

I know one thing, there is a plan and in that divine plan (for lack of a better word) the man inside Christopher Hitchens body (as we all) returns from the death.

“I think I may well be a Jew” Sylvia Plath (Daddy poem) Parents were German immigrants but not Jewish.


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