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Million Person March Now–Tahrir Square Cairo–Watch it!

It’s all live. The Internet and everything digital or mobile is basically down. The latest reports are on the above link FYI. The people really want this sucker Mubarak gone…gone…now.

Twitter: AJEnglish

English Al Jazeera is on–watch for yourself

SAG Pick for actor in supporting role; actress in lead role; Best ensemble The King’s Speech

Christian Bale wins best supporting actor. Heloise predicted he will win the same award for Oscars. Natalie Portman wins SAG for actress in lead role. I don’t think so. I hope she don’t win the Oscar. Bad break for Bening.

Best cast in a motion picture: The King’s Speech

Best actor SAG winner: Colin Firth….as predicted he will win Oscar. Yes, my man Firth won. 

rundown of SAG:


Heloise’s Oscar Picks and Predictions 2011–updated

first published at on January 30, 2011

When I wrote this who knew we would be talking about

 The King’s Sweep!

 I have been watching the new buzz on the film and the true historicity of it. While the present royals are a pain in the butt to me I do love British history can’t help it. So a little revision is in order because now I predict “The King’s Sweep” on Oscar night.

The Academy Awards are still a couple of weeks away. But that does not keep the critics from making predictions. First the list of the ten films nominated for best picture this year; a short synopsis which include a few of Heloise’s predictions and the outcome-whys:

Black Swan Mike Medavoy, Brian Oliver and Scott Franklin, Producers

The Fighter David Hoberman, Todd Lieberman and Mark Wahlberg, Producers

Inception Emma Thomas and Christopher Nolan, Producers

The Kids Are All Right Gary Gilbert, Jeffrey Levy-Hinte and Celine Rattray, Producers

The King’s Speech Iain Canning, Emile Sherman and Gareth Unwin, Producers

127 Hours Christian Colson, Danny Boyle and John Smithson, Producers

The Social Network Scott Rudin, Dana Brunetti, Michael De Luca and Ceán Chaffin, Producers

Toy Story 3 Darla K. Anderson, Producer

True Grit Scott Rudin, Ethan Coen and Joel Coen, Producers

Winter’s Bone Anne Rosellini and Alix Madigan-Yorkin, Producers

Five of the ten films have also been nominated for Screen Actors’ Guild Awards (SAG) airing on January 30, 2011. The five from SAG:The King’s Speech; The Social Network; Black Swan, The Fighter, and The Kids Are All Right. My Top 10 list of films this year includes those SAG nominees and a few others not nominated. But this blog is for the Academy Awards.

The King’s Speech: This film ranked  #1 on my top ten list. I pick it to take home a SAG award as well as Oscar for best picture. Why? It has everything including what Academy members look for in a film: true-tale treatment. With a total of 12 nominations it will take home at least five or more, including best picture, best actor for Colin Firth, best directing for Tom Hooper, costume design, and sound mixing. The competition gets a little stiffer in other categories.  

Black Swan: The acting in Black Swan was superb. But for me the ballet and the dancing that goes with it was missing. Thus I don’t find it a strong contender for best film. Mila Kunis was overlooked as supporting for Oscar but has been nominated for SAG and could snag it. Swan wins best cinematography.

The Fighter: The fighter is a sleeper. It won’t win best picture but I predict that Melissa Leo wins Supporting Actress, Christian Bale Supporting Actor, Writing (original screenplay). The Figher made my Top 10 list.

Inception: I loved this movie. I reviewed it and heaped praise on it early on by predicting it would be nominated with a Best Picture nod. It could also be a spoiler come Academy day and may keep King’s Speech from sweeping. But it is really a long shot to win best picture. What could it win: best original score, and battle Black Swan for cinematography; win art direction; sound mixing and visual effects all highly possible. None of the cast are nominated.

The Kids Are All Right: This film made my Top 10 with its story line and acting. Three of the cast members are nominated. I don’t see it winning best picture, but I think the buzz is with Bening and she alone will win best actress in a drama. Beyond that is unpredictable IMO.

127 Hours: This is the only nomination I have not seen. I have a problem with torture and stayed away from this film. I put it on my Top 10 list, although I don’t think it has a chance of winning best picture or best actor. It is nominated for adapted screenplay along with The Social Network. But I think Network takes that one..

The Social Network: I’ve seen this film twice. The beginning is by far the best. I don’t see it upsetting SAG awards or Academy. I predict it won’t win best picture for either. Jesse Einsenberg is nominated for best actor but he will leave empty-handed I predict. He has too much competition in James Franco and Colin Firth. And besides he is the only one nominated in this film for acting. Was Justin Timberlake snubbed? What award do I see for The Social Network: best adapted screenplay. The film closely followed the book it was based on.

Toy Story 3: What a funny film. With nice toys taking up arms against sinister ones found in a daycare center. I laughed out loud to my surprise. It’s good and I can see why it was nominated. This Disney film should win best animated feature film.

True Grit: May not be one of the Coen brothers best efforts to date. It may be a make-up nomination not sure. The acting was good, but the story did not hold my interest and the tension and thrill were just not what I expected from the Coens. What can it win is a better question than what will it win?

Winter’s Bone: A dark film with an unforgettable performance by Jennifer Lawrence as the teen who searches for her druggie dad in the dead of winter.  Now, if she were not going up against Annette Bening and Natalie Portman then I would say that the buzz is with her. Alas, it’s not.

Post script: I was unable to screen Biutiful with Javier Bardem. He was nominated for actor in a leading role but I don’t think he will win it this year. Costume design to Alice In Wonderland.  Film editing: Tariq Anwar for The King’s Speech. Sound editing: Unstoppable, the film I enjoyed  most this year. Finally, best Foreign Language Film: Biutiful (Mexico) because of Bardem, can’t wait to see his performance. That last prediction is a long shot because I have not seen any of the best foreign films nominated. But my prediction for best picture this year is not a long shot but a rather articulate film: The King’s Speech.

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SAG Best Supporting Actress: Leo

Melissa Leo won as I predicted she will win Oscar too.

Out Of Africa (English/French)

Americans will be airlifted or flown out of Egypt beginning on Monday according to all reports due to the unrest/revolt in Cairo and beyond. It is seen as a populist uprising because they are not seeing signs from clerics or from Islamic leaders.

Américains vont être transportés par avion ou par avion de début Egypte, lundi après tous les rapports en raison des troubles / révolte au Caire et au-delà. Il est considéré comme un soulèvement populiste parce qu’ils ne voient pas les signes de clercs ou de dirigeants islamiques.

Neo Nazi Couple Discover Jewish Heritage

They were Polish and into the skinhead and Neo Nazi thing until they discovered that they were both Jewish with Jewish roots. Okay.

The King’s Speech WINS DGA

LOS ANGELES – Tom Hooper pulled off an upset win Saturday for the top film honor at the Directors Guild of America Awards for his British monarchy tale “The King’s Speech.”

Hooper won out over David Fincher for “The Social Network,” who had been considered the favorite for Hollywood’s main directing prizes, including the Academy Award on Feb. 27.

The guild win for Hooper sets up a showdown between him and Fincher at the Oscars, where “The King’s Speech” leads with 12 nominations. The film relates the struggles of Queen Elizabeth II’s father, King George VI, to overcome a debilitating stammer as he took the throne in the years leading to World War II.

The King’s Speech could sweep the Oscars that’s what I see. The Social Network started out strong but has petered out and won’t win best picture.

The List from SAG awards air Sunday

Here is the link for the awards. The five films for best pic are:

The King’s Speechview cast list

Black Swan view cast list

The Fighter view cast list

The Kids Are All Right view cast list  



The Social Network view cast list  

The Revolution Will Be Tweeted–Arab World Erupts (updated)

WTF is going on in the Arab world? It looks like they are about to demand some freedom. That’s what I am talking about. Did the Internet, facebook and twitter help? Sounds like the revolution will be tweeted

update: Fared has a panel on today and they are focussed on the unrest in Egypt. First off they are calling it a revolt NOT a revolution. We shall see.  It has been pointed out that the powers that be have let free the criminals and the hammers who are causing chaos and looting stores.

With that as strategy the gov hopes that the peopole will call for a crackdown to restore the order that they inflicted on the people.  The protestors are NOT the ones who are looting.

Also the fact that Arab countries are getting richer but the wealth is not in trickle mode. There has been emergency hours in place there since 1982.

The people of Egypt are in unrest mode, mad as hell and are NOT going to take it anymore.

We hear you loud and clear.

How to come out of this?


The people should demand democratic elections that are free of corruption. They should demand that the books be opened up and put online for the people to peruse. They should form councils to study how democracy should look there. Democracy comes with risks. The risks are real. They show up in crime rate explosion as well as increase in white collar crime and ponzi schemes like we have had here.

But it can be done.  

 Americans will be flown out of egypt. Worse case if some islamophiles and us haters take over that country. And mess up things for our interests. Obama warned Mubarak years ago that his shit was shaky if he did change.

Signs of the times: leave Mubarak!

What happens when an unstoppable force meets an unmovable object? No one can predict for sure but anyone who knows Egypt can’t be surprised at what is happening, only why it took them so long.

For decades it has been received wisdom in the Arab world that its regimes are too powerful to be confronted by unarmed people. “You are just fighting a mountain,” they say in Arabic. “Don’t knock your head against it.”


So when Tunisia provided a real, live example of how, when the security forces kill demonstrators the revolution can still intensify, with protesters using new media technology to organise and outwit security forces, it did not just come as a big surprise to Arabs (and provide practical tips about how to bring about change).