Daily Archives: January 9, 2011

Meet The Press Talks Antisemitism aimed at Jewish Giffords

On Meet the Press  David raised the ire the spectre that because Giffords is Jewish she may have been a target of Jared.  MTP had at least two Jewish reps on the show to talk about her and her tragedy.

Her good friend Rep Debbie Wasserman Shulz, also Jewish, talked about her.   Giffords is married to NASA astronaut Kelly.  She kept her name which is Giffords.

The thing is who will claim the responsibility for this slaying in the desert? I can tell you one thing she was really PRO PRO Mexico and a blue dog dem but what does that mean when you are pro illegal aliens and anti American citizens. A vote for them is a vote against jobs. My take this guy did not have a job and wanted to do something about the situation.  This may be a sign of the times because when the group most entitled in this country ‘white men’ go begging, homeless, jobless, and outnumbered by illegal aliens brought in by lawmakers (turn of the head) there will be blood.