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Oscars boring–again–without black people

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Just boriNg. I shouldn’t say again because last year with some color to the tube it was pretty exciting. I hated when Avatar lost but overall it was good.

This year it was white as toothpaste and just as tasteless. That’s pretty good Heloise, white as toothpaste! With  hosts like Franco, who should have stayed in his cave and lifeless as he was, goodness I couldn’t bear to look at him during Oscars.  He was so good as that uber gay, jew Ginsberg in Howl, but what happened to Franco? Don’t know.  Oh, I take that back, I said 127 hours was not going to win shit in my predictions, he probably read it and knew it was accurate and he was simply depressed during the whole damn thing.

Sorry but I knew it was not going to win. Next time Charlie.

Best Actor in a leading role: Colin Firth

Colin Firth for Leading Actor for the film &qu...

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Colin Firth best actor…We knew it.  THE King’s Speech that’s the ticket.

Best Actress in a leading Role: Natalie Portman

I hope she gets the Oscar curse! I know she was the fav but just did not want to give it to her. Hated that movie.

Best Director: Tom Hooper for The King’s Speech

Tom Hooper and me!

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I got this one right this year. A big one.  Hell no to The Social Network…Congrats Tom Hooper. This best last year’s fiasco with the pick of The Hurt Locker winner, but the right person won this year: Tom Hooper. And that means that The King’s Speech will win best pic too.

Rotten Tomatoes got that wrong TOO:


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Best Achievement in Directing: David Fincher, The Social Network

I got Best Supporting Actress and Best Supporting Actor

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Even Rotten Tomatoes got BSActress wrong. More to come.

Congrats to Melissa Leo and Christian Bale for their roles in The Fighter.

No comment: see what you started Sheen

Dior designer John galliano has just starred in his own Jewish name-calling rant in Paris. He called Bloch a “dirty Jew” among other things and the UK web site is taking no comments citing legal reasons. See link above.

Lobby for “no kooks”

I can’t be on TV news programs spouting stuff I know or think why should the likes of Arianna Huffington, daily kook founder Markist Moulinsas Zuninga, and Rachel Maddow with 3/4 panelist members are Jews?

Any MSM programs that will pick them to the exclusion of black voices and brown voices–no Gov Richardson please, does not have my vote and I will not watch.

Today David Gregory had a nice balanced panel keep it up meet the press.

Rotten Tomatoes Oscar Picks (link)

Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role: Hailee Steinfeld, True Grit

Wrongo! We both went for Bale though. Most of my picks were in line with theirs. We both picked Biutiful and it did not win.

“Freedom Fever” hits Arab World

Miss Arab World 2007 [From Bahrain]

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Freedom fever is burning in the hearts of the Arab world: Egypt, Yemen, Tunsia, Libya, and beyond all have the fire of freedom burning within.

Mohamar Quaddafi said that he and his sons won’t leave their country.

Indian workers have left and are telling all kinds of horror stories.  The Indians are like the Mexicans are here, they migrate to work in other countries and then go back home.

Here’s another link:

Not on my pick list: Banksy

The Movie “Exit through the shop door” is nominated for something on Oscar night. I tried to watch it on streaming Netflix but it was dull and crazy so I skipped out on it early. I don’t see this guy winning anything.