Anglo-Saxons God’s Chosen People? (must reads)

Note I have read all the links below. They contain a lot of other links and make good points on race or lack thereof.

Race is real

To my anthropolgical/linguistic understanding everything in this article and others I’ve read rings true. That the so-called “Jews” are not the real Israelites or Jews at all.  I have often noted how much they resemble black people and in fact have black blood and genes. What’s more, more than one article points out the real blood line of the Jews lies more in Turkey or among the Kurds.

Jews were also encouraged to intermarry with Anglo-Saxon to soften their Jewish looks, which is highly influenced by the large amount of Negroid or black blood.  I am one of those who believes in distinctive racial differences and lines. I mean I have to…I was HPB and she was all about race.

Here is the other side: of course most do not want to let stand what the above post asserts: 

More race talk:

this post from the Black Commentator was from a Wiki article that they linked about Jesus not being a white man nor a black man but a man of the day: Then see my post about “The Real Face of Jesus” and look at the evidence from the shroud of Turin. He does not look white and he does not look black, but Middle Eastern.

Blavatsky will be vindicated one day

More later

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