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Stinking Rich: Keeping up with the Joneses

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They might be stinking rich but we know that the players are not faring as well as the owners. The latest: http://www.dailykos.com/storyonly/2011/2/6/940677/-NFL-lockout:-No-more-football-in-2011 a lockout by the Owners to the players of NFL. That could well be the end of football this year. This will of course hurt economies that depend on the game and the players to augment their coffers. And who can blame them. Ballahs have always been known to spend more than they make. We will watch the outcome of this raking over the old coals.


Jerry Jones started out a regular joe born in Los Angeles before moving to the Midwest and later to Texas. He and his wife are very wealthy, billions now.  She was showing off her new home the Cowboys Stadium today with all its fabulous art work inside. The place cost a cool billion dollars and counting.  One site said that they live in Arlington, TX where the new stadium is located.

I find that hard to believe, but not impossible. They probably have a bunch of homes anyway. The old stadium was near Dallas off I12. And they used to practice in Irving TX. I’ve seen that practice site many times. They no longer practice there for whatever reason.

If you think families like the Kennedys are rich, think again. Oh sure in the old days when they owned Merchandise Mart in Chicago they were rich. But not like the real Joneses of Texas.


Kiran Chetry: Biracial Beauty TV Anchor

Biracial or multi-ethnic does not belong exclusively to the domain of black/white offspring as the case of Kiran Chetry illustrates.

Her name and her dad are Nepali. Since the language Nepali falls into the Indo-European family

Indo-European languages are spoken by almost three billion native speakers,[5] the largest number for any recognised language family. Of the twenty languages with the largest numbers of native speakers according to SIL Ethnologue, twelve are Indo-European: Spanish, English, Hindi, Portuguese, Bengali, Russian, German, Marathi, French, Italian, Punjabi, and Urdu, accounting for over 1.7 billion native speakers.[6] Several disputed proposals link Indo-European to other major language families. wikipedia

Therefore she is Aryan on her father’s side of the family. She is an immigrant. She was not born in the US but in Pathan hospital in Nepal.

 Kiran’s mother is half Ukrainian and a combination of Dutch and German.[1] Seven months later, her parents, Hom Chetry and Nancy

So while Kiran is not biracial she is multi-ethnic and part Anglo-Saxon on her mother’s side. That’s important because if you read as many blogs as I do you will find that ordinary whites (read Anglo-Saxon) do not buy anybody else as “white” unless they hail from white countries.

We know that in England the Pakistanis, who are also Aryan, are called “Pakis” and Arabs are called “sand n——“s by whites like it was their name.  This is not from racist, skinhead blogs but from blogs by white people who want their little world to remain “pure.”

In Kiran we have a perfect exemplar of a multi-ethnic person who in a sense would be considered biracial by whites and not white. However, they are wrong and anthropologically speaking, language that is, her language family is Indo-European therefore she is fully of the Caucasian persuasion but not Anglo-Saxon.

Black Africans whose languages fall into their own categories are excluded always from the Indo-European tree and are never considered part of the European tribe. Blacks are a tribe unto themselves. But  don’t look  now because all races and colors came out of Africa.