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Jewish PA mom killed by son, dad and twin bro dead too


I think the mom is Jewish partly because it took place in Jewish PA. The boys don’t look Jewish and the dad is probably Irish or Anglo. The link has pics of them. The son killed them all with a samurai sword.

We may never lone but that’s my guess and it is usually right. Have to find her maiden name too.


TMZ reporting Mike Starr of Alice in Chains dead at 44



I never heard of him but if you say so.

Found: Austin Bice — in a river in Spain


Young white kid age 22, claims he was not into the party scene there but was out drinking and partying and ended up in a river in Spain. See link above for full story.

Have Tina Brown and Arianna Huffington destroyed the world?

Tina Brown and Arianna Huffington have both been given the reins of two large white, male dominated media Newsweek and AOL.  The women got balls but the public is gasping at how the media takeovers and buyouts and sellouts are faring.  From what I have read, not so swell.  The following links size it up nicely.  AOL stocks have plunged and Newsweek, is well, not so newsy and not so weekly.



Black men behaving badly — 15 held in Mexican girl’s gang rape


But as the investigation drags on, the shock and indignation has been tinged with an undercurrent of racial tension.

“I feel sorry for the little girl. I feel sorry for everyone involved…the city is in turmoil,” Inez Dickerson said.


Dickerson, 68, is the great-grandmother of one of the defendants in the case. Her grandson has not been publicly identified by police because he is a minor.

Dickerson remembers when her great-grandson called to tell her the crime he’s accused of committing.

“When I got on the phone, he was crying. He said, ‘Granny, I’ve been accused of something. I’m scared,'” Dickerson said. “He’s pretty tore up about it.”


Some are having a problem with the 11 year old girl’s story because she did not tell anyone about it for like a month.  But it is still what it is, if they are found guilty. Something has got to give here because this took place in Texas and it will be felony crime.  As minors they will not go to the pig pen or the big pen.  But will still do serious time if found guilty.  But recall the other cases where white men were innocent.  I hope this is not a true tale for the sheer number involved.


The four new suspects bring the total number of arrests in the case to 15.

A district spokesperson said the students will face charges of aggravated sexual assault of a child, a first-degree felony.

Their names have not been released, because Cleveland police said the suspects are minors.

Investigators say the incident occurred over the Thanksgiving holiday in an abandoned mobile home in Cleveland.

The girl reported the alleged assault to her principal’s office in early December. She told school officials she was raped by as many as 20 men and boys.


Serial rape suspect Aaron H. Thomas (an out of work black man) held

The artist rendering was ambiguous to me. But the name screamed: I think he’s black, but I hope he ain’t.  Too late, he’s an out of work truck driver who has been raping women in Virginia for over a decade. 

He told detectives he had been following media coverage of the case and suspected police were closing in. After his arrest Friday in New Haven, Conn., a prosecutor said in court, Thomas had asked, “Why haven’t you picked me up sooner?”

“You’re expecting this big confrontation,” said Mark Pfeiffer, a Fairfax County detective who began working on the case in 1999 and interviewed Thomas after his arrest. “You always try to envision what he’s going to be like. Then you see this weak person.”

Thomas, 39, an out-of-work truck driver with ties to the Washington area, appears to have had few close relationships in his life, detectives said. Much about him remains unknown, but he was living with a girlfriend in Connecticut, has a young child and often visited family in Virginia. source: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2011/03/07/AR2011030704901.html?hpid=topnews