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Breitbart still gay, still “air kissing” Arianna at Huffpo

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Here’s the latest “air kissing” from Andrew Breitbart. I think he meant “ass kissing!” LOL

“I’m blissful that the Huffington Post exists,” Breitbart told The Daily Caller as he settled into a Washington, D.C. hotel for this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference.

For a guy who in one tweet called an employee from the liberal group Media Matters for America an “underage sex-trafficking apologist” and in another a  “[hate] crime fetishist,” that’s really saying something.

Breitbart has reason to be nice — he used the money he earned while helping launch the Huffington Post six years ago to start his own media company. The cash he made from the Huffington Post provided the seed money for Breitbart.com, and later the proliferation of “Big” sites that have made Breitbart a simultaneously infamous and famous household name among political observers. But without Huffington, that may never have been possible, and Breitbart says he’s more than grateful.

“She and I have one of the great air kiss relationships that America has ever known,” Breitbart said during a recent radio interview. “I’m glad that she did well for herself.”

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2011/02/10/andrew-hearts-arianna-breitbart-shows-huffington-the-love/#ixzz1HNnMz8kP

I know that real men, black or white don’t talk like this shit. I mean “air kiss” or is it “ass kissing”?  Wow what a slip, in fact I think old Breitbart just slipped out of the closet. Crow on that indeed Andy. He made bank off Arianna and started the big site. He got the big idea from one of my blogs I just know it. Anyway, he love him some Arianna.  The site is perfect for people like Andy because he already has a flagging, sagging site and  this will help him with traffic.  What’s more the reason he is so nice is because he wants to blog at her site. His first blog has been about O’Keefe and the NPR thing.

Dancing With the Stars: Kirstie Alley (Jewish and 60 and fat) takes 2nd Place

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Kirstie’s high-wattage persona and flair for the dramatic paid off big time because she took second place over much better dancers.  She performed and that was part of the winning formula for her package.  She might have lost a few pounds but if she does not quit all the cream pies it will come right back.  Congrats to Kristen Allen, I mean Alley.


On Wednesday, Lopez made rude remarks about Alley’s appearance on the ABC dance competition, saying she “did a nice job, her little hooves tapping away.” He added that prior to the show, “she went to the market, and then she had roast beef, and this is her going all the way home!” He then ran GEICO ad footage of a squealing piglet. (“Lopez Tonight” airs on TBS, which is owned by the parent company of CNN.)

Source: CNN

After the first week and results and booting ole Kirstie is SAFE, but still fat and Jewish. Another Jewish woman got the boot for Kirstie Lacey Schwimmer. But at least Kirstie is famous, but Lacey, never heard of her.

Kirstie Alley, was probably Kirstie Allen or something. She is Jewish, 60 and fat.  I am also overweight but I know I gotta lose it on my own. Can this 60 yo dance? or is she just there to lose weight? Go join a gym or something and not hurt our eyes with your non dancing.

Chris Brown Goes Beserk in dressing room at GMA


Robin went there with Chris and after asking him about the Rhianna incident he went crazy and tore up the dressing room! See link above.