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Obama daddy would have been lynched down South for chasing young white women

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 There are the original papers about Barack Obama Sr, from Kenya studying in America and how the INS wanted to give him the big black boot out of this country for financial dealings.  Politico has the story but The Boston Globe held it for two years.  Would that have kept Obama out of office? Who knows

I think that the article is still a bombshell if true.  One cannot give the character of the father onto the son or children.  It is in the DNA but it can be overcome with hard work and someone who believes and guides the child.
Honestly, Obama daddy could not have gotten away with this shit in the south.  I mean JFK was fighting to get one black man in Ole Miss, James Meredith

Obama’s daddy was a drunk (no secret) and was killed in a car accident back in Kenya. But it could have been a death by lynching for being uber-black and chasing white women in America.

I know also that African men who come here are white woman crazy! And it makes me sick and I am not for it and I’m black.

Mariah Carey has fraternal twins: boy and girl–updated,,20468012,00.html?hpt=C2

I watched the special with BW this weekend and the babies are so cute it’s unbelievable.  Put white on their birth certificates will  ya.  If Mexicans with dark skin and kinky hair  and also biracial Mexicans can be white per the feds and per the school record and per their birth certificate so can blacks who will look like this.  My aunt who is like the Buddha incarnate says that all black people no matter how black should put white on their birth certificates and tell people they are white and let them prove otherwise.  I was arguing for those who “Look White,” to do so but she took it over the top as usual.

Nick and Mariah had twins today. They had fraternal twins one boy and one girl. I am sure they will be adorable and can’t wait to post their pictures. They will probably be fair, so don’t be surprised by that. Nick Cannon looks racially mixed and could even be biracial himself in terms of genetic makeup.

This is so ironic because my first cousin pictured in my popular post about Cheyenne Woods , the blonde woman standing, has identical twin daughters and they know Mariah because one or both of them appeared in her #1 hit video “We Belong Together” see link below. 

Mariah has two flower girls in her video wedding: one dark girl who comes out first, and one fair girl with sandy wavy hair who is walking with the ring bearer.  

 Here’s the vide on Youtube: “We belong together” 

My cousin is the second flower girl, it’s brief but they got paid well.  Mariah and my cousin are both white looking. Mariah is biracial, my cousin is not.  My cousin has exquisite features and prettier, no doubt, but Mariah is extremely attractive.  And she has a good looking hubby in Nick.  Good luck to both.

The Dress that dressed a princess

Catherine Middleton and Sarah Burton have successfully kept the best-guarded secret in fashion history. The incredibly moving moment when the new Duchess of Cambridge stepped out of her car in an Alexander McQueen dress was the fantasy everyone in fashion has been dreaming would come true.

The dress—pure and yet conveying the grandeur of its importance—is an exquisitely modern example of a personal collaboration between a bride and her designer.

Catherine has followed her own taste: a V-neck décolleté and a silhouette that stayed close to her torso, and long, delicate lace sleeves that evoked, perhaps, the wedding dress worn by Grace Kelly when she married Prince Rainier of Monaco in 1956.  source Vogue see link above

French Biracial Beauty: Olivier Rousteing directs Balmain Paris

Le jeune designer, inconnu du grand public, succède officiellement à Christope Decarnin.


Après le départ de Christophe Decarnin, la maison de couture vient d’annoncer officiellement le nom de son remplaçant. Olivier Rousteing, ancien responsable du studio de création pour les collections prêt-à-porter femme, devient le nouveau directeur artistique de la marque.  

Diplomé d’Esmod, ce créateur inconnu du grand public a travaillé 5 ans chez Roberto Cavalli comme designer des collections prêt-à porter avant de rejoindre Balmain aux côtés de Christophe Decarnin en 2009.  

Meet the Dutchess of Cambridge

Kate Middleton at the Garter Procession (with ...

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Kate Middleton will get a new title and new digs in London. She will be the Dutchess of Cambridge.

Royal Wedding Coverage

Cover of "Diana: In Pursuit of Love"

Cover of Diana: In Pursuit of Love

While everybody is doing it, but me, my old friend from blogcritics Eric Olsen and his wife have teamed up with Andrew Morton who dished on Diana to cover the royal wedding and beyond.  So, if that’s your thing check it out or wherever you get your news about an old couple on a new day for Wills and Kate Middleton.

The Trough’s best month ever–thank you readers!

Net in California @40

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So, on this last day of this month we at the Trough finish with 666 hits for the day–no kidding and monthly totals = nearly 17,000 hits pour le mois avril (April 2011) . 

I like nice stats and I like wordpress as home.   The numbers here may not sound like a lot for the aggregate web sites.  But I am truly an independent both politically and blogically.  That means I am the true blogger who pays all the bills for my efforts and wears pajamas or looks like hell if she pleases, because it’s just me.  And it pays to be avant garde. I just watched a french movie “Pere de mes enfants” and guess what? They used my idioms in the translations at least 4 times! Oh la la, I was floored.  I mean they even used “over the top.” So, my idioms are penetrating the masses en masse LOL.

You know when translators use the idioms of an inconnu like myself then I may not be so inconnu after all! Yes.  And for the record, my bad it’s “I couldn’t care less.” I wrote in error “I could care less” which is the opposite.  And it’s not a double negative to say the former, because the latter is not as effective but people know what you mean.

And finally the film even used “good riddance” which people have also gotten incorrect.  Okay, that’s all for tonight. I had a fun day and a fun month with my stats that broke all records, sorta like the tornadoes.   

Excuse the photo but I had to wear heavy makeup because I actually burned the hell out of my skin by using wax on my moustache! I have not had time to retouch or photoshop it either. 

“He plays more rounds of golf than Tiger Woods” LOL

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I just read a comment and made it my headline based on a post that sounded the dollar death knell because of the rise of silver and the run on gold. The poster was talking Obama and taking his side although you would never know it. I really  had to chuckle when I read it.

I own silver and just bought a new car.  One of the best things to do with a devalued dollar really is to buy something big, like a car or a large appliance, maybe not real estate just yet, or maybe some really cheap fixer upper you can hold on to.

I plan to also buy more Ford stock. I think Toyota is the ugliest car on the road and will never buy one.  They ain’t worth the 10 grand you will fork over and above what you will pay for Ford and it will be for a car that is not better than a Ford.

Trump takes victory lap

Donald Trump in February 2009

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Donald Trump is taking credit for calling President Obama out on his birth certificate.  Trump forced Obama’s hand and it is now out and about. Trump is touring New Hampshire the state with the first primary race.

I never doubted he was born here but I do doubt that the parents were legally married.

Here it is:


More later on a blog.

Barack Hussein Obama Jr., releases long form live birth certificate

Donald Trump in February 2009

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Donald Trump is taking credit for calling President Obama out on his birth certificate.  Trump forced Obama’s hand and it is now out and about. Trump is touring New Hampshire the state with the first primary race.

I never doubted he was born here but I do doubt that the parents were legally married.

Here it is:


More later on a blog.