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DWTS Wendy and Tony: Another Couple voted off

Kirstie Alley, 1994

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Wendy Williams a “star” with a hard scrabble life wherein she fought, clawed her way back from poverty to well, the American dream and on DWTS.

Kirstie Alley is not in the bottom three. Kendra and Louie are in the bottom three but not booted. Wendy and Tony are in the bottom two. Wendy did a dance with a tune that really sucked.  Who said black folks can dance under any circumstances? Not me.  Wendy had the lowest scores from the official judges.  Wendy and Tony were at the bottom of the leaderboard. And frankly I never heard of Miss Wendy, but if they say she is a star okay. So who leaves? Wendy and Tony. I thought so.

Maksim Chmerkovskiy Drops Kirstie to the floor

she did not fall but Maks dropped her saying that his knee gave out.

It’s ‘Good riddance’ to the unwashed pols

Wow,  use a common idiom, maybe to myself, and we get tongue-tied pols tripping all over their tongues and using “good riddens’ instead.  No such word as ‘riddens’ there is ‘ridden’ like guilt-ridden or bed-ridden but it does not substitute for the real word ‘riddance’ which means glad something is gone and done.  Let’s name names here; Steele and Swarzanegger, sp, who both used, recently, ‘riddens’ as in ‘good riddens’ instead of ‘riddance.’  Heloise is the first person even use that idiom as far as I can tell anyway.