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In case you missed it: Stewart’s Beckistan rant (farewell parody of Glenn Beck)

Common Nonsense: Glenn Beck and the Triumph of...

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There is a full video around here but I couldn’t find it.  But Jews do it better.  John Stewart is LOL funny here and witty.  I actually laughed in this parody of Glenn Beck. The only sad thing is that Beck is leaving TV or maybe not.

Cathy Black is Jewish not Black

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg opening ...

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From insensitive remarks to communications issues, the former publishing CEO was a bad fit for New York schools chancellor. Jacob Bernstein on Mayor Bloomberg’s stunning decision.

From the start, Cathie Black‘s appointment as the schools chancellor seemed odd. After all, she was a Park Avenue-based publishing executive with no background in public service and children who’d attended plush private schools.

Then, in December, shortly after being announced as New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s choice, Black made an appearance at a Christmas party held by the Council of School Supervisors & Administrators. There, the organization’s African-American president, Ernie Logan, introduced Black and when he was done, the former Hearst Magazines president took to the podium and commented that Logan was such a good speaker, he should be a preacher, which to some indicated the same kind of racial cluelessness that nearly capsized Joe Biden when he called Barack Obama “articulate” back in 2008, as if this was somehow a surprise quality in a black person.


“I was not offended by it,” Logan recalls, in an interview Monday night, confirming the anecdote. “I am an ordained deacon of the Baptist church. But other people were a little put out.”

What this means is simple Cathy Black does not want to be reminded that she is a NY Jew in public so why is it okay for her to remind this black man that he was black and should stick to what blacks do well: preach and reach?  When Jews stop their racial comments I will stop calling them out.

Kaine and Able–Again (George Allen)

Allen points to Webb aide, Sidarth, referring ...

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Virginia Senate candidate George Allen (R) apologized Wednesday to an African-American reporter for asking him, “What position did you play?” in an incident that evoked his infamous “macaca” gaffe.

Democrats seized on the apology. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee blasted out the story in an email with the subject line “Awkward George Allen apology — the first of many.”

The incident renewed debate over whether Allen has learned his lesson since making a costly racial remark during his failed 2006 Senate campaign.


The exchange began Tuesday, when Craig Melvin, a correspondent for the Washington, D.C., NBC affiliate, tweeted, “For the 2nd time in 5 months, fmr. gov. and sen candidate George Allen asks me, ‘what position did you play?’ I did not a play a sport [sic].”

Maybe you think blacks are too sensitive? Well, when you are in a position that involves education, professionalism and more than street sense, and points just for showing up, yes, we are.  It seems that blacks are often believed by coworkers that they cannot cut the mustard in most white-collar professions. 

 So, we ‘hear’ things differently.  Asking about a sport is not appropriate and I am not buying it.  Does he also ask women what sport they played? Or what position? I don’t think he asks any white women this but he may have asked other white men same.

I really recall the “macaca” comment. Why? Because it was revealed that George was a Jew, his mom was an Egpytian Jew, he knew what “macaca” meant in his country, he lost the race.  He’s back for more.  Keep this critter out of congress and the Senate.