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Yale Student killed after hair caught in lab equipment


Shirley MacLaine talks love affairs and rebirth in book on Oprah again


Shirley was on Oprah talking rebirth again.  See link or excerpt.

book excerpt: Love Wins


Trump fanning the flames of white man fever

Seal of the President of the United States

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And for the white male vote that’s good. We can’t turn back the constitute hands of time to read more definitively on the qualifiers for presidency. But let me say this upfront–Mitt will run thrice and trump will run once. But no one will beat Obama my take, my bet on the dark horse in this race. But who exactly is the dark horse the white man or the biracial man?    

Will he throw millions down the press pit? will he run? will he win? Why has he not declared? Because once he does his show will be taken off the air.

He could be playing Joe Kennedy to his kids and open the political door for his progeny. That worked for the kennedys could work for the trump. And what fun we can have w his name. Speaking of name he’s got it. Name recognition that is.