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Did Malcolm X Hide His Homosexual side? (New book says yes)

Malcolm X at Queens Court

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Here’s is the new book link from Amazon. I am going to order it right now:  Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention by a Columbia U. professor Manning Marable, Ph.D. $16.95

Malcolm: The Life of the Man Who Changed Black America by Bruce Parry $18.95 in paperback. This book goes into more detail about Malcolm as gay prostitute with white men no less. Word is also that he could not satisfy his wife Betty.

young Malcolm Little photo (looking queer) and discussion at this link: http://www.marclamonthill.com/malcolm-x-was-gay-424

Link above with young Malcolm Little.  Ohh he looks gay. He also looks Atlantean which is where that shit came from. In fact gay was the default sexuality of all black men who lived past lives in Atlantis. That’s where they derived their power and blackness look esp. about the lips.  Check out the photo at the link. It is another man altogether.

Now what else I have to say might also blow your mind:  I know the reborn Malcolm X. He once again gravitated to the Black Muslims, he is a very fair skin black man, he struggled with his sexuality.  He was attracted to me and we had a brief affair.  But he was much younger than myself. He was concerned that men would approach him and ask him if he was interested in being a kept man?  Don’t know what happened to him, we broke up and never spoke again.  In fact, right when we met he had just been shot in the stomach but survived.  Karma is something that most people have NOOOO clue about. But I do.  It’s amazing.

Now this link is about a new book by Manning Marable who died just days before it was published

http://www.voice-online.co.uk/content.php?show=19323 This book is brand new.

The knowledge is not new but many of the posts are from this month. Also the Stormfront folks are discussing it. 

Taking my own advice–moving to France


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Heloise, the French abbess is where my name comes from. Why? Because I was she.  France was my country then and it still is, regardless to how much I have tried to deny that reality. It was hard to deny when I was there and about to return home I couldn’t stop crying because I didn’t want to leave.  The tax lawyer who was my host, his name also begins with an H and our last names have many letters in common. I did reveal one of his past lives in my book but really shouldn’t have because it could impact our lives in the future. But then, no one listens to me because I ain’t white.

A little prophecy for ya: when I leave this country there will be a world war per my vision seen decades ago. I saw that I lived in France with my French guy and that there was war in the world.  Do I care what happens here? Of course I still have family here and friends and black people. That’s who I care about most.

But this country is not blackness friendly. Forget that Obama was elected, he’s a puppet for the rich and the Jews, we know now.  Is he anti-Israel? It don’t matter people if he is or not can’t you see  that?

Frankly, I have lots of options when I retire because I have wealth, resources, and I speak French.  La France c’est mon pays as the French say…it’s my country.  And for many, many lives I’ve lived in France. In fact the lifetime before I was JFK I lived in France before living here, even though born here.  It’s just where I belong.  Americans have shown their true colors to me more than once.

My life, my real life reads like Eat, Pray Love, in fact I think they stole my ideas and had a white woman enact what I have actually lived and it took decades to build spiritually, and socially. 

My advice to other people is that if they don’t like this place then they should leave it. Taking my own advice, finally.

 So, when I was in India I met Europeans from all over Europe and there were many white folks, Americans from the States.  Those crackers over there treated me just like they do here…I was totally invisible to them.

But guess what? The French and the Spanish took me in like I was long lost family.  That’s where I met a French lawyer who has been important to me in many lifetimes and he actually invited me to stay with him in Paris and we spent a short vacation in the town he grew up in THE FRENCH Riviera, or the Cote d’Azur.  And on top of everything good that happened that summer, I was mistaken for FRENCH and Parisian. How do I know? Because other French people came up to me and asked me in French for directions!

The Europeans and even Aussies gave me their phone numbers and addresses.  Not one American did the same. Not one white person acknowledged me there. 

Not only do I speak French I am actually certified to teach it but because of the racism of this place would never get a job teaching French, so I can teach English there.

The people I know there are highly educated, professional and have deep past life ties with them. What’s more they have an official language.  I iknow they have problems too mostly with the north Africans but as long as I get myself back slim and perfect my French, which I will, I won’t have a problem.

The two men I’ve loved most in life have both been Libra, my moon is in Libra. They both happen to be white, but with them it don’t matter. So, I ain’t saying I hate white people, but white Americans–I’ve totally had my fill of them and when I am there won’t acknowledge them that’s for sure.

More later