Daily Archives: April 23, 2011

Wife of NFL Star Stabs Hubby Brandon Marshall


The knife, be it kitchen, Swiss or pocket is the favorite weapon of choice for black women in case you didn’t know. Well, I know. I’ve seen it before many times. So, it is no surprise that this wife chose a knife to stab her hubby Brandon with.  It does not appear to be self defense either.

Racially, Michi Nogami appears to be Japanese and black, so she’s black and black women prefer to use knives.  See the Huffpo link for more on her story. She was arrested, released and he was hospitalized and released from the hospital.

I got my new car ford focus hatchback

I got top dollar for my Escape so I am going for this car in a dark gray metallic. I did not wait for hybrid because they are more expensive and the mpg is not much diff.

I drove it home today and I am just over the moon about it. It was sitting in the lot waitingf for me and they said a whole lot of people wanted to buy it when they saw the color and I added a moon roof.