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Weinergate—trick or tweet? (In case you missed it) updated

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Image via CrunchBase Jon Stewart’s dirty take on his old roomate’s distinguised member of congress.

Folks the “battle of the bulge” has not been won yet.  My take: I think it’s Weiner’s weiner and body in the tweet, that’s clear so far.  What’s not clear is how it got out of Weiner’s control.  Is hacking a crime? If so then media are asking the question why did you not report it?

What’s not clear is why Weiner won’t come clean about how it got out of his control because clearly it’s he in his gray boxer shorts and engorged phallus.  That is not a crime and I don’t think he needs to resign or anything.  It’s unseemly to be caught in such an unneeded summer scandal.  The magical media tour is not helping the member of congress either.  He should shut up or tell the truth.

Ooh this is juicy Jewish gossip where one Jewish rep Cong. Weiner and his own twitter account have gotten out of hand. Another Jew who was following Weiner or his tweets and then Andrew Breitbart who broke the story that was retweeted to him.  He did not hack or find the tweet but he did break or publish it on his website Big Breitbart or big something.

It was late Friday night when a Twitter user named “Patriotusa76” retweeted a message from Weiner’s official account that seemed to link to a picture of a man’s underwear with an erection. The tweet from Weiner’s account was directed to the student. Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government site quickly jumped in, with Breitbart himself taking to Twitter to demand that Weiner either confirm or deny that he’d sent the photo himself. “We have much more,” Breitbart wrote.

Weiner, who has since retained a lawyer, says his account was hacked. He tweeted on Saturday that his Facebook page had been hacked too. The student to whom the image was supposedly sent issued a detailed statement to the New York Daily News, denying that she’s ever met or had any involvement with Weiner. “There have never been any inappropriate exchanges between Anthony Weiner and myself,” she wrote, “including the tweet/picture in question, which had apparently been deleted before it reached me.” source: war room at Salon the first link below.

Anyway the question is was this a hack job or was it a prank by facebook and twitter.  Breitbart thinks a full investigation should be made.  The woman who received it was a young black girl.  The dirt goes that Congressman Weiner is supposed to be into really, really young gals. 

I missed it maybe you did. 

Nyasha Matonhodze: Black girl to rep Louis Vuitton

We know this photo may be diffult to look at but yes, Vuitton has chosen this 16 YO African girl as a rep for its line of luxe luggage.

Psychology Today Issues Apology over black women article

Last week, a blog post about race and appearance by Satoshi Kanazawa was published–and promptly removed–from this site. We deeply apologize for the pain and offense that this post caused. Psychology Today‘s mission is to inform the public, not to provide a platform for inflammatory and offensive material. Psychology Today does not tolerate racism or prejudice of any sort. The post was not approved by Psychology Today, but we take full responsibility for its publication on our site. We have taken measures to ensure that such an incident does not occur again. Again, we are deeply sorry for the hurt that this post caused.

~Kaja Perina, Editor in Chief

Caylee Anthony Case: That 911 Call

Casey Anthony has been booked into the Orange ...

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 A distraught Cindy Anthony buried her head in her arms and slumped on the witness stand as she listened to a tape of her daughter, Casey Anthony, calmly tell 911 operators that 2-year-old Caylee, had been missing 31 days.

Casey Anthony can be heard spinning a fresh lie about her daughter’s disappearance on the July 15, 2008 call.

“My daughter’s been missing for the last 31 days. I know who has her. I’ve tried to contact her. I actually received a phone call today…I did get to speak to my daughter for about a moment,” Casey Anthony can be heard saying on the call.

The 911 call was played by the prosecution as part of Cindy Anthony’s testimony in her daughter’s first degree murder trial. Casey Anthony, 25, is accused of killing her toddler daughter.

The Drudge Report Drumming up race wars?

Black Bike Week Festival 2008

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The headlines at Drudge are all about what blacks teens are doing in cities this past weekend in major mets that are predominantly black. I looked at a some of the stories and yes,they were about black and brown people”acting in a riotous manner” especiallyin Boston where even the national guard was called in.I think it’s deliberate becausethat site has millions of hits per day.
I too write about black on black crime and white crime with specific stories also Mexican crime. Drudge headlines this
all in one day about black teens who run amok in big cities?

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Flashback Iowa 2007: Obama as Then-Contender

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Barack shook his leonine mane and flashed a knowing smile this afternoon in Iowa to an audience that I thought non-existent or dead! He turned the laugh on himself, about  inexperience and the heavy use of former Clinton advisors, to his advantage by responding to Hill’s laugh with: “Hillary I am looking forward to you advising me as well!” Hundreds of comments on Huffington Post alone made to that one headline. Wow. It was a cute, really cute rejoinder.

The audience would have to be virtual to not respond to that sound bite. Thus, there was an immediate roar of laughter both from the audience and the stage. That man’s got bounce and not just in the latest local polls.

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If you watched the bars they often went off the charts from his opening responses.

I think he won. But it is yet a three-way race. Edwards is a strong contender (I guess I used that word earlier than I thought) and many would love to see an Edwards/Obama ticket rather than the inevitable Clinton/Obama or Obama/Clinton ticket What many are witnessing is that je ne sais quoi that creates electability and likeability.  But if dailykos carries any weight—Barack won the debate with 37% of the vote. 

Not only did Obama alight on the stump with instant likeability but now his electability quotient has also increased.

The two seem to go hand in hand. Thus Hillary, Hill or HRC’s liability in the likeability factor has become a real question of her strength as a national candidate. There is no dearth of blogs, articles and tags that bear her name and that of Bill Clinton. There is no dearth of blogs that bear the tag of Oprah who “soulfully” backs her Senator from Illinois. He is not only likeable but loveable. Oprah does not have to doubt her decision or hedge her bets on this choice. Many Americans are responding in like and kind to the excitement she has shared with potential caucus goers and beyond. That’s one side of the coin. Then there is the other side of the coin with Hillary’s profile and the words “inevitable un-likeability” engraved. What’s wrong with that?

Here’s the obvious answer: don’t sling mud on someone who is transfixing and expect his or her admirers to then admire you for pointing out the flaws or picking up the mud. Barack wrote candidly, and well, about his drug use in Dreams From My Father, and how his future was shaky in light of bad choices. He was a black man facing a bleak future if he did not change his evil ways. Now, he has a chance to be a beacon of hope for other young men, black and brown. And pundits are pointing out that despite the dirty laundry being aired and held up for inspection; it is just not sticking to Obama–for now. We know quite well that he is not the first “smoker” or drinker in the Oval Office and certainly won’t be the last. In fact, his flaws (and his discussion of them) have increased his bounce and vigor among voters and supporters. So, who is it that has to rethink their image in an image and cult-obsessed America? Hillary Clinton might be in that number. But she has some powerful backers too.

Bobby backs Hillary and doesn’t back down

It’s beginning to look a lot like endorsement season to me. And on November 29th Robert Kennedy Jr., endorsed Hillary Clinton to few cheers. And it doesn’t get any better than a strong endorsement from a member of the Kennedy clan. And since a Kennedy has spoken at the Democratic National Conventions since Jack in 1960–Bobby Jr., just might be the next slated speaker. So in this likeable race has he risked name and rep to endorse Hillary? It seems so.

He claims that it is getting to the point where likeability has so dogged Hillary that she has certified haters. Really, Bobby is that drama necessary? I am not so certain that “hate” is the right word. And comparing her “haters” to those of FDR. He has been swimming in the salty sea too long. I don’t hate her. I just don’t like her as much as I like Barack. In my play, I don’t think it is all about “hating” Hillary, but apparently RFK Jr. thought he needed to “revisit” his choice. He had to address his decision in his HuffPo blog after a little “visit” with Hillary, a “tour” of New York State, a sampling of how others in New York “love” her, and getting an earful from the netroots.

Reading his blog about his recent chat with Senator Clinton seemed apologetic almost. And more in the vein of a revisit of that endorsement rather than the more-expected endorsement for Obama or even Edwards. Will he back down from this endorsement? I doubt it. After all, my article and thousands of other blogs and musings will all be moot if (and when) Obama and Clinton are both part of the same Democratic ticket. 

Finally, lest we forget that the Kennedy family has ties with the Clintons that go back to the White House rose garden and Bill’s stepping onto the White House lawn and reaching across time to shake the hand of John F. Kennedy. It goes back to when Bill Clinton gave official notice (at goverment cost) to the Coast Guard to plumb the ocean off the coast near Martha’s Vineyard until the jet and bodies of John F. Kennedy, Jr., wife and sister in law were recovered. One does not forget ties like those, nor should one.

But then there is the vista of political reality: Hillary moves out, Bobby moves into the most desired Senate seat in the U.S. of A. And like his uncle before him–a candidate put into place when Jack became JFK so that Teddy Kennedy could eventually run for his vacated seat and keep it virtually for life. When you and your family are sitting around drinking eggnog this season and debating the soon-to-be Clinton dynasty remember this: there is nothing wrong with a little royal blood in the veins, or wearing a tiara to bed in the Lincoln bedroom.

Brad Pitt scores French gold in “The Tree of Life” (July 8 wide release)

Cannes, Alpes-Maritimes, France

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We have to admit, when it was announced yesterday that Terrence Malick‘s “The Tree Of Life” walked away from Cannes with the Palme d’Or we were a bit surprised. The long-awaited film got a mixed reception on the Croisette and we expected a unanimous crowdpleaser like “The Artist” or “Le Havre” to walk away with the honor instead. But undoubtedly, nothing else at Cannes this year matched the ambition or scale of “The Tree Of Life” so on that basis alone the award fits. In any case, Fox Searchlightare definitely pleased as punch to be on able to add Cannes to their marketing campaign and it puts a fresh eye on the film in advance of the platform release that will start this weekend. But don’t fret, it will be coming your way shortly.

Kicking off in New York and Los Angeles on Friday, “The Tree Of Life” will have a six week rollout to theaters across the country before finally going wide on July 8th (look out “Zookeeper” and “Horrible Bosses”!). A mix of cities big and small will get the film prior to that date, but if you’re not on the radar for the limited release, it will hit your multiplex or local arthouse eventually.

“The Tree Of Life” is a unique event film, one that will definitely rely largely on word on mouth and in this busy summer season with plenty of easier to digest distractions (a two-and-a-half hour movie about spirituality and our place in the universe is a tough sell any time of year), so we’ll be fascinated to see how the film builds (or doesn’t) in the upcoming weeks. Check out the full slate of dates below. [Fox Searchlight]

Halle and Olivier Watch in Malibu and Vegas

Thursday May 05, 2011 06:00 AM EDT,,20486998,00.html

Halle Berry and beau Olivier Martinez headed to a favorite spot, Taverna Tony, in Malibu, Calif., for a meal alfresco on the bougainvillea-covered patio. The lovebirds shared hummus with caviar, baby octopus and a Greek salad, all washed down with white wine. “They held hands at the table and made several toasts,” an onlooker tells us. “It was very sweet to see her so happy and in love.”

Reel Short Takes: “Inside Job”

Henry Paulson responds to President George W. ...
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Ronald Reagan: “The magic of the Market Place.”  What a bunch of lies from every president since Jack left office that led to the inside job to end all inside jobs.

It took forever to get Inside Job from Netflix so I watched it twice.  It will make you so damn mad, that is unless you profited from the biggest heist, ponzi scheme, inside job of the century and got away scot free.  Who the fux went to jail? Seems like no one since the evil men at Enron.  Watching that too this weekend.  What’s the point of having a billion dollars?

More and more it’s the poor that get dumped on.  But it’s not just the poor this film is about how a whole new class of middle class poor was made when Henry Paulson, little Timmy Giethner, Big Ben Bernanke, the IMF, Wall Street moghuls, the Federal reserve, the Jews who run the Federal reserve and everyone in between rob the whole world in plain sight. 

It’s will really make you mad. And who was to blame: every president post- JFK was to blame for the takedown of the world’s middle and poor classes. Jack’s financial background made him the last of the solid for gold backing the Feds ever.  It is no wonder they did not want him to have a second term they wanted to ruin the country and could never do it under JFK’s watch. I know that he has been called soft on race relations but what’s ironic is that after many of the chinks in the armour of white supremacy were ironed out the rethugs and the damn dems realized that the country was now ripe for the picking.  They went after and hid behind allowing less well-off folks to get a big piece of the American dream.  In one speech W made it clear that now it was time for blacks and browns to get a piece of the nice home action.  Who knew that it was only so that the white men could raid Fort Knox?

Pundits Pick Pawlenty

To win Iowa on MacLaughlin Group today. Pawlenty’s resume quite impressive. I would pair him with Mitt or a southerner.