Paula Patton: Your Baby is White-get over it!

Okay. We have all the evidence we need to see what’s going on.  Paula looks like a European white.  She would be mistaken for and considered white were she any place in Western Europe.  Her hubby is white.  They are bound to have a white baby.  What’s more Miss Paula your subsequent children will be EVEN WHITER!  That’s the way it works.  It worked for the Jews.  They married white folks and became subsequently whiter.  They used to be BLACK. 

Another good basis of comparison would be that of Troian Bellasario who is the daughter of a woman whose sister was in my high school class: Deborah Pratt.  Deborah looks about as white as Paula, maybe less so. She married an Eastern European and their daughter looks like a European white, long hair and all.  She’s white for all intents and purposes.

While Paula Patton appears to be a creole, but she may not be, but looks biracial, again she may not be. In fact I dont’ think she is, but she can pass for white really, easily.

My children are also not biracial but look it.  If they had married white people, perish the thought for them, their offspring would look white too.

As I said in my article You Are What You Look Like…if Paula’s baby looks white, the dad is white then it has about 89% white genes…heck he’s white get over it and put that on his birth certificate lady.

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  1. Paula Patton most certainly cannot pass for white. Not among the sighted, anyway.

  2. Paula Patton is half white & half black. She IS bi-racial , heloise8. You need to do some research & get your facts straight BEFORE you post or blog anything.
    Tom D.,, you are right, Paula Patton cannot pass for white. She is clearly black.

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