Are Black Women Uglier than any other Race? Psychology Today Thinks so

If you click on the link below it will take you to the entire crappy article. Beauty is subjective and political. Also men are more attractive or beautiful than women. You cannot measure scientifically the likes of someone it is the first thing we are taught in science.

Miss Jamaica--Runner-up for Miss Universe

I knew it: black women cannot win in this society.  First we are perpetually mocked for one reason or another take Michelle Obama mocked as “fat” and that’s code for black in my book.   Sunday Psychology Today made it official that black women are ugly and fat. The racial cowards however have removed the offending article.  No don’t take it down, defend it I say. 

Thanks to some “scientist” on Psychology Today he offers evidence that black women are somehow less attractive than any other race of women, besides also the fattest, in an article that they have removed. The answers were given ranks. 

Here’s a link to parts of it. I will update when I can access the other sites that kept the entire article.


A lot of you have probably already seen this, but I feel compelled as an Angry Black Woman to add my own commentary. The story is this:

Yesterday (a Sunday), Psychology Today blog The Scientific Fundamentalist posted a piece that was originally titled “Why Are Black Women Less Physically Attractive Than Other Women?” but is now magically re-titled “Why Are Black Women Rated Less Physically Attractive Than Other Women, But Black Men Are Rated Better Looking Than Other Men?” I know the change happened because I saw the original a few hours ago. Google doesn’t have a cache of the page, but when I searched I saw the original title, as so:


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  1. Yes! No! I mean…I think we have to look at this thing on a person by person basis, not race vs race.
    I am definitely prettier than my sister.

    I just saw a pic of Kanazawa. He looks like an intelligent ape.

  2. I want to extend my comment from yesterday.
    My grandmother always said that when someone wants to hurt you, it is usually because of envy or competition which is the cruelest thing on the earth. Envy wants to draw blood.
    After thinking a long time about the motives of Satoshi Kanazawa, all I can come up with is a twisted form of envy. Why be so indiscrete as a professional?
    The favor, talent that black people have in this world came by blood, sweat, and tears.Nothing was given to us. Our way in this country was hard and desperate. We had to take whatever we got. We had to develop ingenuity to overcome odds. Michael Jordan is a billionaire because of a basket ball. If he’d had a surf board or a speedo, he would not have become a living legend. The thing that seemed so liminting was actually the thing that exalted him. He spent hours and hours perfecting his craft.
    Other African Americans have learned perserverance and toil because racism was so harse. Racism is designed to defeat an individual and wipe themout but when you EVOLVE and fight it and demand to live, you develop ingenuity and talents that the world often envies.
    For a professional to mount such a divisive “study” points to a seething unrest in his own soul. Beauty is in the ye of the beholder. The Bible says that there is one glory of the moon, another glory of the sun, and another of the stars in the galaxy. There is no comparing them.
    Kanazawa needs Diversity 101 and a recconect with his craft. This seems to stray far from Economics-more like race baiting.
    With hundreds of thousands dead and dying in Japan after the quake and tsunami, more that 3,000 still missing and threats daily from nuclear power plants, when does he have the time to call anybody ugly? Earthquakes, tsunamis and war is ugly. We need wise professors to guide the leaders of tomorrow, not this pseudo fake intellectual. Bad. Very bad.

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