The Doomsday Peddler: Harold Camping Kook Extraordinaire

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Will this be my last post? Not likely. Will we wakeup tomorrow?  We think so.

Why is it the end of the world? Why has Camping been wrong so many times before? It’s not that the Lord is coming it’s that he’s here and maybe people are sensing it.  Look when Jesus was here the world did not end the way people wanted in fact it improved! He’s predicting a huge earthquake that will open the graves. Okay.


The rapture will being at 6 p.m., says Camping, with an earthquake (one so great that “all the tombs are going to be thrown open”) in each time zone. He also believes that the world will be completely destroyed on Oct. 21.

There are many similarities between Camping and Whisenant.

Both were engineers by trade – Camping holds a BS in civil engineering from University of California Berkeley. Both were not formally trained in interpreting and teaching the Bible. Whisenant was said to be a Bible student, but there is little public knowledge about which seminary, if any, he attended or if he graduated. Camping said of his training in an interview, “For the last 50 years, I’ve made the Bible my university.”

Both men created a massive stir with their predictions. Whisenant sold 4.8 million copies of his pamphlet, “88 Reasons Why the Rapture Will Be in 1988” and gave away several thousand copies for free to pastors throughout the United States. (Boyett’s boyhood pastor received one of those free copies and preached a series of sermons based off of the pamphlet.)


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