Bradley Manning: The Fall Gay? (Wikisecrets airs on PBS Frontline tonight)

I just watched Mr. Smith discuss on Morning Joe his book about Bradley Manning who is openly gay and troubled by DADT and did not want to go to Afghanistan was able to take a writtable Lady Gaga CD and download a boatload of shit from the US gov.  I think he is the fall gay for the whole mess.  How did he get that type of clearance in the first place? And why was he not caught? He was never caught it was only the Julian Assange arrest and exposure through the wikileaks website the opened that can of secrets.  The Feds were asleep again just like they were with the Muslim who was able to shoot up an entire base and kill 13 people!

Tonight PBS airs “Wikisecrets” dvr it or watch it.  It is on a 9:00 p.m. here.


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